PS3 news: PS Blog: Skullgirls Dev Diary: Skullgirls Perfected Pugilism

A few weeks ago I gave you a run-down on our new 2D fighter, Skullgirls. Last time I discussed the games story and its characters, and exclusively revealed Ms. Fortune. This week well be talking about the really important part: the gameplay.
As I noted last time, Skullgirls lead designer and programmer is Mike Mike Z Zaimont, a noted tournament fighter and (regretful) creator of the real soviet damage internet meme. While our art team strives to make the game look amazing, gameplay always comes first. Mikes impetus to create Skullgirls was to make a game that was as fun to play as Marvel vs. Capcom 2, but addressed the system and balance problems that kept that game from being competitively viable. is updated several times every day with the very latest Free PS3 news and hardware reviews.

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