Sony developing PlayStation 4 games – Console news

Looks like it’s not just Microsoft touting its next-gen console wares this week. Sony is hard at work on games for the PlayStation 4, reports Develop.

“Several internal Sony studios” have started to develop games for the console, according to a source. The source said various game projects are at very early stages, though they didn’t reveal which first-party studios were involved.

Last week, sources also pointed to Microsoft’s next-gen console, the ‘Xbox Next,’ which is set to launch in 2013. The PlayStation 4 isn’t expected until 2014, according to industry insiders. Sony undoubtedly has its hands full with the PS Vita launching in February, and the PlayStation TV due before the end of the year.

Develop notes that Sony has a habit of constantly working far ahead, with PS Vita development starting soon after the original PSP launched in 2005. The PS4 concepts currently in development could well go into full production as games if given the nod.

Sony still hasn’t finalised the technology for its PS4 console, though a Sony exec let slip in a conference call to investors in May that the PS4 is in development. Last year, Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said Sony wanted developers in on the ground level with new console technology, so the fact it’s already developing games doesn’t necessarily mean the hardware is anywhere near finished.

Sony’s strategy is to support consoles with new games for about 10 years, and considering the PS3 isn’t even 5 yet, that 2014 date couldĀ  be looking a little optimistic. As anyone who’s ever checked the games launch schedule in a magazine will also know, things have a habit of running late in the world of videogames.

Let’s hope the PS4 gets some original titles rather than just more sequels.

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