PS3 news: How Activision Killed The Gaming Industry And Totally Saved It

GP: “Activision is known for three things. Call of Duty, making impossibly large sums of money, and being generally hated for everything they do. But without Activision, where would we be as a gaming community? The true answer is actually quite surprising. You see, there was a time in the history of gaming when Activision didn’t exist, and the mere act of the company’s creation caused industry changing shock waves throughout the gaming world. Lawsuits were filed, companies died, and gaming as a whole fell apart shortly after.

But if it wasn’t for the chaotic birth of Activision, then gaming as we know it may have never existed. Intrigued by my wild claims? Wondering how Activision could kill the industry while also save it at the same time? Well wonder no more! This story is about to begin!” Slim-PS3 is updated several times every day with the latest Free PlayStation news and reviews.

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