Games review roundup: Ben 10, Go Vacation and more

Here’s our weekly roundup of some of the games that may have slipped under your radar – such as Ben 10 Galactic Racing, Go Vacation and Kirby Mass Attack

Ben 10 Galactic Racing …

Xbox 360/PS3/DS/3DS/Wii; £29.99 cert 3+; D3If you’re after a fun, cartoony racing game that looks good, play well and is more than a little reminiscent of Mario Kart, then get yourself Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing – the existence of which renders this Ben 10 Galactic Racing pretty much redundant. Not that it’s bad – it’s surprisingly slick given the fairly undistinguished (if hugely popular) cartoon it’s based on. There are 15 playable characters and 25 courses – some basic, some eye-poppingly psychedelic, most somewhere in between. Dotted around each is a standard selection of power-ups, ramps and hazards. It’s clearly targeted at younger gamers, although it’s difficult enough to challenge players of most abilities. If you’re on the look out for a Christmas present for a young Ben 10 obsessive, it would certainly be a decent choice, and one likely to keep him or her amused well into the new year. However, of all the cart racers in all the world of video games, it does nothing to stick its head above the pack. Adam Boult

Go Vacation …

Wii; £39.99; cert 7+; NintendoGo Vacation is a mini-game compilation firmly in the Wii Sports Resort vein. You’re a visitor to Kawawii Island, with four different resorts boasting a dizzying array of activities for you (and a few friends, ideally) to get stuck into. As well as the games, Go Vacation encourages you to explore the island, collect daft outfits and even furnish your villa. The 50 activities aren’t all perfect, but most are well-executed and challenging enough in both single-player and multi-player modes to be interesting and fun. If you’re not a fan of mini-games or party play, you’ll struggle to get much out of Go Vacation, but for everyone else, it’s a surprisingly deep and enjoyable experience. Mary Hamilton

Kirby Mass Attack …

DS; £34.99; cert 3+; NintendoThis is a brilliant platformer that showcases much of what people love about Nintendo. HAL Labs has succeeded in getting the most out of the DS’s abilities to create a game that’s highly original yet easy to get the hang of. Present and correct are an idiosyncratic lead character, a fantasy game-world with consistent aesthetics and internal logic, and an extremely strong focus on putting gameplay first and making sure the whole thing is as fun as possible. Kirby, in case you’ve not been introduced, is a pink blob with arms and legs who resides in the land of Popstar. As Mass Attack begins he’s hit with an evil spell that splits him into 10 tiny versions of himself. It’s up to you to guide the mini-Kirbys, using the DS’s stylus and touchscreen, through the game’s many imaginative levels – solving puzzles, swarming over enemies and collecting fruit along the way. In these days of 3D handheld gaming, a 2D platformer like this might initially appear a little old fashioned, but don’t be deceived – it’s easily one of the most enjoyable games of the year.Adam Boult








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