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Former DJ Hero developers set sights on mobile with 8linQ – Console news

UK studio is preparing to release its first iPhone music game, armed with major label tracks

UK startup 8linQ is hoping to spearhead a new wave of music games for smartphones and tablets, with its first game Say What?! due to be released on 20 July for iPhone armed with a licensing deal with major label Sony Music Entertainment.

The company is a joint venture between three partners: Music In Colour, Reactify and Metropolis Group. The first of those is a music production company formed by former staff from FreestyleGames, which developed the DJ Hero console games, while the latter is one of the most prestigious recording studios in the world.

Based at the studio complex in London, 8linQ has been working on Say What?! for several months, culminating in its launch next week with playable tracks from artists including Calvin Harris, Scouting for Girls, the Zutons and The Nolans.

“The music business needs to capture a new audience,” says joint managing director Chris Lee. “Rather than make a game then license the music, this is much more of a partnership. We think there is a great opportunity to leverage the mobile platform to build something that reaches a wider audience, and monetises music.”

Say What?! takes a different approach to DJ Hero and other console music games like Guitar Hero. Lee says that 8linQ’s key aim was to avoid any assumption that the game’s players will be experienced gamers.

The game uses a scrolling collection of icons, which relate to individual highlighted words within the lyrics to the current song, which are displayed above. If the word ‘I’ is highlighted, the player might have to tap on an eye icon, for example, while ‘down’ might be the cue to tap on a downward-facing arrow.

At higher difficulty levels, the clues get more cryptic. “There will be puns left, right and centre that take you a good five seconds to crack what the icon is representing,” explains Yuli Levtov, the game’s designer, and founder of the third partner in the joint venture: generative music studio Reactify Music.

“It’s almost a Generation Game mechanic: a simple layer that lives over the music,” says Lee. “We’re not trying to be cleverer than that. This is about something that appeals in its simplicity, and we’re trying not to niche it. It should appeal as much to 8-13 year-old girls as it does to 30-40 year-old males.”

Lee adds that Say What?! was inspired by iOS games like Cut the Rope and Trainyard. “They’re cute, you’re allowed to fail and it doesn’t matter,” he says. “Far too many games can fall into the trap of having a game mechanic based on failure, and the fear of failure driving you to do stuff. We don’t think that’s what the mobile audience wants.”

Say What?! will be free to download with four included tracks: one from a big Sony Music artist, and three from emerging acts signed to Music In Colour. Tracks from Sony – and ultimately other labels too – will be sold via in-app payments of £1.19 per song.

It’s the second example this month of a major label selling music within this kind of game, following EMI’s deal with Facebook games publisher MXP4. Downloads within Say What will be chart-eligible too.

“It will be a great story if you can take a catalogue title – a single that was released 20 or 30 years ago – and see it get into the top 10 with 100,000 downloads because it’s in a game,” says Ian Brenchley, joint managing director of 8linQ and managing director at Metropolis Group. “This is the merging of music and software in a really nice evolutionary form, that monetises music in a different way.”

Lee says that making games for iOS has been a fresh challenge for the team members who cut their teeth on DJ Hero and other console games.

“I love the immediacy of being able to create content,” he says. “Development cycles are so much shorter, and you get that immediacy of feedback too, where you can watch how your consumer is playing, react and develop new features. We have designed this game so that if we get a song at 9am, we can have it for sale by 9am the next day.”

Say What?! will also be the first game to be promoted using the Future Games Network, a service that is being launched by another UK developer, Future Games of London. The idea behind the network is to promote other developers’ iOS games to FGOL’s existing community of 18 million players.

It’s a good example of the promotional networks that are springing up around apps and games, just as 8linQ is an example of the kind of partnerships that are emerging as companies from different creative industries target the apps market.





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Slim PS3 news: The People vs: PlayStation Move Heroes

Recent Slim PS3 news:

Put your questions to Nihilistic Software and find out how the biggest icons on PlayStation are joining forces for the first time.

Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Sly and Bentley. These are some of the most powerful duos PlayStation has ever known, and now for the first time you will be able to unleash all three power partnerships in one game: PlayStation Move Heroes.

Explore familiar landscapes from the smash hit Ratchet & Clank, Jak and Daxter and Sly Raccoon series, as an intergalactic menace enslaves a peaceful race of aliens and threatens to destroy their home worlds forever. Use PlayStation Move to fight back in decisive style, smashing, shooting and whipping your way to freedom.

PlayStation Move Heroes is a unique prospect, and this is your chance to find out how developer Nihilistic Software has fused together these legendary figures. Perhaps each member of the team had their own fierce loyalty to one of the Heroes? Maybe some intriguing facts about each Hero came to light? Or would you simply like to know how the PlayStation Move motion controller unlocks some scintillating powers?

Just head over to the official PlayStation Forums at and ask away. We’ll then pick the best questions and put them directly to the team – and remember, they can be as ridiculous as you like.

Leave your queries at before 7 March 2011, or alternatively search for the hashtag #peoplevs on Twitter. is updated several times each day with the latest Free Slim PS3 news and reviews.

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PlayStation news: minis monthly 4

Check out January’s releases, grab a bargain in the minis sale during February and find out how you could win a 3D TV.

January saw the release of one of the most anticipated and popular minis titles to date, Angry Birds. You’ll be smashing up pigs like nobody’s business with this addictive bird-slinging puzzle.

Put your DIY skills to the test in Pipe Madness and assemble your own network of pipes before any liquid escapes, or try out Denki Blocks! and arrange an array of colourful cubes into intricate patterns.

Bored of your job? See if you can handle running your own business and keep your guests happy in Jane’s Hotel, or take on the role of a footballer from space and destroy enemies to score goals in Soccer Bashi.

Turn your world upside down, back to front and inside out in the mind-boggling SHIFT Extended, and guide your test subject through a maze of ever changing puzzles.

Check out all the new titles in the minis range at PlayStation Store.

Get more with PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus members get great deals on minis every month, and throughout February Breakquest, I Must Run! and the brand new Karimogi can be downloaded at no extra cost. Karimogi is exclusive to PlayStation Plus for two weeks – get your hands on it before everyone else!

A huge minis sale

If you don’t have a PlayStation Plus account, you’ll still find some great deals in our fantastic minis sale on PlayStation Store. The following titles are available to download at a discounted price from PlayStation Store for two weeks.



Hero of Sparta


Championship Manager 2010 Express


Zombie Tycoon

Stand O’Food


5-in-1 Arcade Hits

Bowling 3D



Red Bull X-Fighters

Arcade Darts


Bloons TD

VT Tennis 

Tehra Dark Warrior


Mahjongg Artefacts

Keep checking on PlayStation Store as there’ll be even more titles hitting the minis sale on 16 February 2011.

Win a 3D TV!

To celebrate minis month, we’re giving away everything you need to ensure your minis experience is massive. You could win a BRAVIA 3D TV, a PlayStation 3 system and a PSP system. Head over to to enter.

January’s top 10 downloads

1. Angry Birds

2. PAC-MAN Championship Edition


4. A Space Shooter For 2 Bucks

5. Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

6. Farm Frenzy

7. Sky Force

8. SHIFT Extended

9. Family Games

10. Brick Breaker

Did you know…?

If you download a minis title from PlayStation Store onto your PSP, you can download it again free of charge to your PlayStation 3, and vice versa?

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GameCity Nights and Gamesblog Live events!

Two unmissable dates for your gaming calendar…

Just a quick post to let you know about two events on the near-horizon. First up, this Friday sees the launch party for GameCity Nights season two, a new series of indie-flavoured games nights from the people behind the lovely GameCity Festival. Kicking off at 6pm at the Antenna club in Nottingham, the intro night will feature guest appearances from comedian and game developer Graham Goring, the amazing Theremin Hero and Free Market Economy, Derek Williams’ famed music/monologue feature from video game radio show, One Life Left. The GameCity team apparently have some amazing events planned and they’re spilling the beans here. So get along there tomorrow.

Also, just a reminder that I’ll be hosting the first ever Gamesblog Live event on February 19 at the Guardian’s very own offices. I’ll be talking to the chaps behind Need for Speed: Shift 2, Dragon Age 2 and Crysis 2, and there will be demo units so you’ll be able to sample the games. It’s a great chance for Gamesblog readers to meet up, play EA’s latest titles and hear the developers discussing their influences and game design theories. Also, if you witnessed my presenting skills at last year’s GameCity 5 Gamesblog breakfast events, you’ll already know you’re in for an unforgettably slick performance…

And I’ll have more on several other forthcoming UK games events soon…



Game culture

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Slim PS3 news: FirstPlay: See the future of PS3. First. Episode 35

Def Jam Rapstar, Rock Band 3, DJ Hero 2, PDC World Championship Darts, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Killzone 3, God of War: Ghots of Sparta, inFamous 2, No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise.

This week FirstPlay is experiencing its first ever December, with episode 35 hitting the store on Wednesday the 1st. The big news this week is that, to celebrate the release of the actually rather good Def Jam Rapstar, we sent Official PlayStation Magazine’s foolishly game news editor Rachel Weber to become a real rapper under the tutelage of hip hop up-and-comer XO man. See how she got on in our exclusive feature.

We also catch up on all the games of 2010 we’ve not reviewed so far, including Rock Band 3, DJ Hero 2, PDC World Championship Darts and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

We also take a look at blockbusting marvel Inception on Blu-ray, show you how we got on with our first hour on Killzone 3’s multiplayer, countdown our favourite local co-op games and talk to developer Ready At Dawn about the making of God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta. Plus we’ve got our regular screenshot galleries, which this week include the latest on inFamous 2 and No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise.  As always this comes for just 99p, or even less if you buy a 12 week subscription for £8.99. Go on…

We’d also like to remind you that you can stay in touch with all things FirstPlay by following us on Twitter at @firstplay_uk and on our Facebook page: FirstPlay (official). We also have a YouTube channel up and running. And don’t forget you can sign up for the FirstPlay newsletter here to have regular news and content updates delivered directly to your inbox.

The FirstPlay team would love to hear from the PS3 community so if you’ve got anything to share, from videos and grabs to suggestions for content feel free to get in touch.

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PS3 Slim news: FirstPlay: See the future of PS3. First. Episode 31

Def Jam Rapstar, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Bioshock Infinite, DJ Hero 2, DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue, Vanquish, Front: Mission Evolved, Tumble,

This week on FirstPlay we’ve got a positively thumping HD review of new SingStar rival Def Jam Rapstar (which, despite our best efforts, they decided not to call BlingStar). We’ve also got a preview of sleek smash ‘em Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, and we zoom in for an extra close-up look at what we can expect from Bioshock Infinite when it’s finally released in 2012.

And there’s loads more! We’ve also got tips from the DJ Hero 2 team on how to spin your opponents into the ground in the game’s competitive mode, a personal take from editor-in-chief Tim Clark on his addiction to PES 2011’s Become A Legend mode, plus reviews of DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue, Vanquish, Front: Mission Evolved and Tumble.

Last but not least we have our screenshot galleries, which is where we tend to put our weirdest jokes and where this week you’ll find Twisted Metal, Alice: Madness Returns, El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron and Mindjack.

All of this can be yours for just 99p, or even less if you buy an £8.99 subscription to FirstPlay for 12 weeks.

We’d also like to remind you that you can stay in touch with all things FirstPlay by following us on Twitter at @firstplay_uk and on our Facebook page: FirstPlay (official). We also have a YouTube channel up and running. And don’t forget you can sign up for the FirstPlay newsletter here to have regular news and content updates delivered directly to your inbox.

The FirstPlay team would love to hear from the PS3 community so if you’ve got anything to share, from videos and grabs to suggestions for content feel free to get in touch.

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Slim PS3 news: Demo Guide: God of War: Ghost of Sparta

The latest news:

Download the God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo today for a glimpse into the mind-blowing action heading your way on PSP.

With God of War: Ghost of Sparta arriving in November 2010 on PSP, Ready at Dawn Studios has pulled back the curtain on their hugely anticipated game and unveiled a demo on PlayStation Store. Check out this guide to mastering the action available to download for free from PlayStation Store now.

Choose your destiny

The first thing you will need to do is decide whether you want to take the easy route or the hard one by choosing your difficulty setting – Mortal (Easy) or Hero (Normal). If you are an experienced God of War player, then Hero should be your first choice. If you are new to Kratos and his epic tale then why not start out on Mortal and work your way up in preparation for the full game?

Chosen your fate? Now it’s time to unleash your fury on the demonic minions that await your arrival in Atlantis.

Controlling the Spartan

Light attacks are performed by pressing the Square button, while heavy ones are mapped to the Triangle button. You can grab enemies and pummel them by pressing the Circle button when up close and personal during brawls.

If you find yourself backed into a corner in the demo (and you will!) Kratos and his enemies will tussle. Here, you have to tap the L button and R button alternatively in quick succession to win the grapple and smash your opponent. You can also block attacks by holding down the L button, and if you manage to time it correctly you can deflect a hit, stunning your enemy for a moment before allowing you to move in for the killer blow.

One of the most powerful moves in your arsenal is the launch attack, executed by holding down the Triangle button. It hurls enemies into the air, which means you can unleash a deadly array of combo attacks and wipe them out before they even hit the ground. However, it doesn’t work on some of the larger foes you’ll encounter, so be warned, they will require more of a tactical approach.

New moves, new weapons

Kratos has been kitted out with a number of new moves and weaponry including the superb Hyperion Charge, which is performed by holding the L button and pressing the Circle button. The charge allows you to run at an enemy, grapple them to the ground and pound them using a series of light and heavy attacks.

Kratos now possesses the Eye of Atlantis too, a magical weapon you’ll find yourself equipped with a little way into the demo. The Eye of Atlantis is an ancient relic that harnesses the power of Atlantis and hurls lightning bolts at your opponents. It’s extremely useful for when you encounter creatures that require a slick combination of combo attacks and magic blasts.

Alongside this, you’ll also get to wield the Arms of Sparta, which consists of a shield and spear. It’s perfect for blocking long-range attacks and can be used to bash enemies when up close. You can also use it as an attacking weapon from a distance by holding down the R button and pressing the Square button.

Say hello to Scylla

Midway through the demo you’ll encounter Scylla, a skyscraper sized sea creature with huge tentacles and just one of the many gargantuan beasts in God of War: Ghost of Sparta. The tantalising teaser brawl is just one portion of what promises to be a titanic battle between Scylla and Kratos.

Prepare yourself for the return of the Ghost of Sparta on PSP in November 2010.

Download the demo from PlayStation Store now and unleash your inner Spartan warrior!

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PS3 news: 5 Tips For PlayStation 4 Dominance

In the course of human history, there comes a time when gamers start thinking ahead to the next generation of consoles.  Many people argue that all three consoles are winners in this generation.  However, Sony was in a position to defeat Microsoft and Nintendo and did not do so.  Here are five things Sony can do with the PS4 to ensure they come out on top, when the PS4 eventually appears years down the line.

1.  Innovate, don’t duplicate!

Innovation: Sony told us over and over again that Playstation Home would revolutionize how gamers played with each other.  That revolution lasted about 10 minutes inside Home until you realized there was NOTHING to do and the entire experience was one big ball of suck.

The sad thing about Sony’s best innovation is that it isn’t theirs. Blu-ray has been a saving grace for Sony allowing for more content and higher quality movies to be played on their gaming console.  I can’t give them credit for the invention but sticking that invention in each of their consoles is exactly the innovation they need to win the next generation.

Duplication: Microsoft gave us achievements and Sony duplicated it with the emptier feeling trophy system.  Now this may sound a little…how do I put it? off balanced, but achievements are the Los Angeles Lakers and trophies are the Los Angeles Clippers.  Their purpose is the same, they are both appreciated additions to the games entertainment value, but one is clearly superior to the other.

Remember that console you were soooo excited to purchase so you could use awesome motion controls and really feel immersed in the game?  The Woo…I mean, WII! Remember 6 months later when the novelty wore out and you clicked the “Confirm Auction” button on eBay?  Well guess what!?!  Sony has duplicated the Wii and brought us Playstation Move!  Even though Playstation Move will be have more accurate controls than those offered by the Wii, it’s just another novel idea that will end up chatting with your other unused peripherals…namely Donkey Konga bongos and the “Now free with the purchase of anything in Best Buy” DJ Hero turntable.

2. Better Launch Titles

Sony had a tough time getting out of the blocks with the PS3.  When Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII is one of the top three titles at launch, you have yourself a mighty big problem.  Of the 21 launch titles on the PS3, 17 were already available for the Xbox 360!  Resistance was the one bright spot and let’s be honest…it wasn’t that great.

Just to help Sony out, here are a few ideas for great launch titles for the PS4:

God of War V

Uncharted 4

Kevin Butler presents: The Adventures of Sax Guy and Old-Spice Man

3. Do NOT invest anymore time or money into 3D Gaming

Six months ago, I might have argued in the other direction with 3D gaming.  Avatar was filling seats with its hot Blue Man Group sci-fi action, and James Cameron did the 3D world proud. Bad news: every other movie released in 3D was not done nearly as well as Avatar and 4 seizures and 10 migraines later, I’m done with it. There are plenty of ways to push gaming into the future, but please Sony, don’t try and make 3D gaming one of those ways! My carpet hates vomit.

4.  Charge for PSN accounts to make it better

Forget about Playstation Plus, charge an annual fee for all users and use that money to make your network better.  Xbox Live is so much better than the Playstation Network, I tickle my elbows when people claim otherwise. Examples?

While Microsoft and their 8-person party chat is calling me from their satellite phone high atop Mount Kilimanjaro, Sony and their no-cross game chat system is yelling at me through a flamboyant male cheerleaders megaphone.

When I open my drawer of video games to grab an “oldie but goodie” to enjoy for an hour or so, I cringe when I reach for a PS3 game.  Why?  Because I know that if I grab a game I haven’t played in over 2 months, I will encounter a 150+MB update that will waste half of the time I had to play.  So I reach for an Xbox game instead.  Oh sure, my Xbox games have updates too, but they NEVER take more than 10 seconds to complete.

5.  Pray that Nintendo throws in the towel

Sony, you may want to send Mr. Cobb into the dreams of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata and plant an idea in his brain to turn Nintendo into a dog food company.  A dog food consisting of primarily shredded mini-game themed video game discs.

Honestly, I don’t see Nintendo striking gold twice.  They’re enjoying the spoils of their gimmick for now, but when the time comes to move on to the next round of the console wars, Sony can give themselves a great shot at being number one if they “StumbleUpon” and read this article.

Unless of course Nokia makes an N-Gage Console…Then they can only hope for 2nd place.

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PS3 news: Weekend Essentials – Issue 27

There’s a trio of great games on PS3 this week, whether you’re into retro adventures, killing insects with friends or standing on planks of wood.

Hero squared

Don’t stay at home this weekend; take a short break to Dotnia and get nostalgic with 3D Dot Game Heroes. Worried that his charming 2D kingdom no longer attracted as many visitors as before, King Tezro issued a bold declaration: “This is an age of 3D!” Squares became cubes and Dotnia returned to its former glory. However, someone has released the Dark King and evil creatures now roam the realm. Enter a young hero – one so powerful that dragons consider him a boss – to save the day.

3D Dot Game Heroes is a 21st century take on classic 8-bit role-playing adventure games with beautiful High Definition graphics and a self-aware sense of humour. It’s available now, only on PlayStation 3.

It takes more than a sword and a boomerang to dispose of the massive alien insects in Lost Planet 2. Luckily, you have machine guns, rocket launchers and mechanised robot suits at your disposal, not to mention a little help from your friends, in this co-operative blaster from CAPCOM. You can team up with your friends via PlayStation Network as you guide snow pirates across a changing planet.

Skate 3 is the third PS3 release this week. The skater friendly city of Port Carverton is your destination this time around and there’s no need to feel alone – gameplay enhancements based around teamwork let you grind with friends and set up crews via PlayStation Network. You can even go online and compete against other crews to prove you’re the kings of the half-pipe.

Speedy downloads

Roaring onto PlayStation Store for you to download to PS3 this week is Rocket Knight, a High Definition revival of a game series that began with Rocket Knight Adventures. It is joined by Catan, a digital version of the classic board game Settlers of Catan, for all you hexagon lovers out there.

On the free demo front you have another rocket powered adventure, Dark Void, to try out, along with a mode of transport more realistic but no less hair-raising – the bikes of MotoGP 09/10.

Meanwhile, you can download a host of extra content for BioShock 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, LittleBigPlanet, Nier, Super Street Fighter IV, Way of the Samurai 3 and Skate 3, all from PlayStation Store.

Welcome Home, Sackboy

While you’ve no doubt heard that LittleBigPlanet 2 is coming to PlayStation 3, you don’t have to wait for that to get inspired – the LittleBigPlanet PlayGround space has just landed in PlayStation Home.

You can deck your avatar out in a range of snappy threads, including new hooded tops and T-shirts, and bound around colourful environments packed with all sorts of LBP goodness to see and interact with.

Creative types can team up with friends to make unique wallpapers for their PS3 XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) in the Creator mini-game. Earn smashing PS Home rewards by taking the perfect picture in the King’s Snap Happy Photo Challenge. Then get competitive and prove you have the sharpest eye and the nimblest fingers in the sharpshooting LittleBigDerby mini-game.

All in all, there’s a sackful of LBP joy waiting for you in PS Home. Stop by now to play, create and share with friends old and new.

Note: PlayStation Home supports the following languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Win World Cup tickets!

There are still chances to win tickets to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa by identifying the football legends as recreated using ModNation Racers’ fun mod creation tool. Just head over to to submit your entry.

In the UFC Undisputed 2010 competition you can win a PS3 signed by a selction of top British fighters. Meanwhile, virtual brawlers can get on top of their game by entering the Super Street Fighter IV competition. Just answer a simple question to be in with a chance of winning an Arcade Stick controller, a copy of the game and a T-shirt. These and other competitions can be found at

Keep an eye on PlayStation Blog at for the latest PlayStation news as it happens.

Be sure to opt in to receive PlayStation emails when you sign up for a PlayStation Network account. If you already have an account, sign in to your PlayStation Network account settings at or via the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) and opt in. That way, you can keep bang up to date and receive the latest PlayStation news direct to your inbox. is updated regularly each day with the latest Free PlayStation 3 news.

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ACTIVISION: “Guitar Hero 6!” WORLD: “…Great. Well done.”

Latest games console news:
The gaming world reeled in shock yesterday as Activision announced Guitar Hero 6 and DJ Hero 2, both scheduled to drop this fall. Speaking on an earnings call, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick admitted that the music game genre was “continuing to compress”, with popularity of both software and plastic instruments on a bit of a decline.

Does the world need more Guitar Hero? Kotick seems to think so. Hit the jump for more. is updated regularly every day with all latest console news.

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