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Slim PS3 news: DUST 514: Your questions answered

Brandon Laurino, executive producer of DUST 514, answers questions from the PlayStation Community.

Is the corporation recruitment similar to EVE Online, and will players be able to sign up to the same corporations? (Wbrinkman, Netherlands)Yes, DUST 514 has corps. Details of how it will work with EVE Online will be revealed at a future date, but, of course, we want to encourage people to meet and work together through corps across DUST 514 and EVE Online.

With DUST 514 and EVE Online being closely linked, how will you merge the two together so that users benefit from playing both games? (ridster3, UK)When you log into DUST 514, you are signed into the same server as all the players in EVE Online. Everything is connected – friends, mail, the economies, the market and, ultimately, the battles that are unfolding in real time in space in EVE Online and on the planets in DUST 514. If you play both games, you can benefit from doing some things by yourself as opposed to having to negotiate with other people to do it with you.

Why is the game called DUST 514? (Elavarasan, UK)It’s a secret. You will have to explore DUST 514 and EVE Online to learn about it. We also have books, short stories, lore, missions and a lot of other stuff that reveal the history of New Eden.

What was the main inspiration for making DUST 514? (MW3-Marathon-2, UK)We wanted to create a new way people could experience the EVE Online universe. EVE Online is a spaceship simulator type of game and Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, and it’s well known for being quite complex. We wanted to create something that was a lot easier for people to get into that also fit thematically.

How many weapons can we expect in DUST 514? (Electrodos, Spain)There are hundreds of different items in the closed beta, and we are always adding more.

Will players be able to customise their appearance and weapons? (Karimjaw, UK)Of course, this is at the core of the DUST 514 experience. DUST 514 allows for nearly limitless customisation – with your appearance, your dropsuit, weapons, equipment, modules, colours and so on. It’s not just for your character; vehicles have the same depth and customisation as well. By playing matches, you will earn more ISK, the free, earned currency of the EVE Online universe, which you can use to get new stuff. You can also purchase AUR, the in-game currency, from PlayStation Store to get items.

What will be the cross-platform features between PS3 and PS Vita in DUST 514? (War_BraWler_Pro, France)Right now, the PlayStation Vita app for DUST 514 is a companion app. You can take the social and management aspects of DUST 514 with you any time, anywhere. Use the Mail, the Market, the Fitting – or customisation – all on the go. We will be regularly updating the PS Vita companion app along with DUST 514 and we are always exploring new features and possibilities.

How many people can join the same battle? (CrisTiaaN_90, Spain)Right now, each battle zone is set to 24 vs 24 players, but there can be multiple battles happening on a planet at once affecting each other in real time, so hundreds of people can be involved. Then there can be ship battles in space around the planet with hundreds or even thousands of players, also affecting the battles on the planet’s surface in real time.

Will DUST 514 have downloadable content? (MrSugarholic123, UK)We will have tons of updates all the time for free, with new features, new places to explore, new items and a lot more.

How will PlayStation Move be used on this title? (dumdog45, UK)DUST 514 has full PlayStation Move support, which is similar to how PS Move has been used in other shooters like MAG and Killzone 3. We are adding PS Move support into the closed beta, letting users test it and getting their feedback and constantly updating and improving it – just like everything else with DUST 514.

Thanks to Brandon for answering the questions and congratulations to the winners, who each receive a DUST 514 T-shirt. You can keep up with all of the latest news on DUST 514 at and PlayStation.Blog. is updated regularly each day with the very latest Free Slim PS3 news.

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Slim PS3 news: Trophy Cabinet: Dead Space 2

Escape the horrors of The Sprawl with a platinum trophy courtesy of this advice from the PlayStation Community.

Dead Space 2 on PlayStation 3 is the terrifying tale of unfortunate engineer Isaac Clarke’s escape from a huge, doomed space station. His bad luck strikes again when he wakes from a coma to find nearby corridors and living quarters streaked with blood, and the entire facility crawling with his nemeses from the original Dead Space – the Necromorphs.

Thanks to bouts of dementia, conspiring politicians and the blood-curdling aliens themselves, Clarke’s traumatic escape attempt makes for one of the toughest platinum trophy hunts around. Yet when you, the PlayStation Community, were called upon to provide expert knowledge, you offered plenty of helpful hints.

Next month, head over to and tell us about your platinum pursuit in Uncharted: Golden Abyss on PlayStation Vita. In the meantime, charge your plasma cutter for the fight of your life.

“Dead Space 2’s platinum trophy is one to be proud of. That trophy separated the men-Isaacs from the boy-Isaacs and brought a touch of what draws people to the insanely difficult Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. Namely, that failure has consequences beyond just replaying the last minute or so. It was perfect for a survival horror game because without consequence there is no fear of death to lend weight to the survival aspect.” (InfiniteStates, UK)

“A tip I have for gamers who want to get the platinum trophy is to start on Hard mode, unlock Zealot mode – which is very tricky – and then go through Hard Core mode, the toughest setting there is. The easier challenge levels are better for playing through once you’ve upgraded everything and just want fun. Dead Space 2 is one of the only examples of my re-starting a game the very second I beat it. It’s incredibly fun and one of my all-time favourites.” (CaptainCortez, UK)

“The single hardest trophy in the game comes from completing Hard Core mode because you can only save your progress three times, which makes choosing when to do so crucial. I saved at Chapters 4, 9 and 13, each before truly tough sections of the game, when I died often. It’s mainly the middle stint of the campaign that’s the hardest. From Chapter 13 onwards you can almost sprint past enemies.” (Ceron, UK)

“I thought the Javelin gun was really cool, there is nothing better than hitting an enemy then seeing him fly through the room and sticking to the wall for the Going for Distance trophy. Eventually an electrical bolt discharges, which makes the enemy and any nearby friends ignite. Intense, but also fun – especially after some of the nerve-racking parts of the game.” (kevin_1606, Netherlands)

“If you get too spooked out as you play through Dead Space 2, a very good tip is to play without sound.” (FoxMustDie, Portugal)

“It is actually quite difficult to get the platinum trophy as you have to play through the whole game in Hard Core mode with only three save points. Videos on the internet helped me as I had real problems with this trophy. Personally, I liked the difficulty of the game, it was a genuinely rewarding challenge.” (JusTaEpicFAIL, Germany)

“The Javelin gun is the most useful weapon in the game, and you can upgrade it from Chapter 2 for better results. Concentrate your upgrade nodes on its alternative firing mode, which lets you electrocute groups of enemies and wall guardians with ease.” (Black72Rat, Russia)

Need a little friendly advice about trophy hunting? Then put your questions to the experts on the official PlayStation Forums at Don’t forget to come back next month to find out how to strike platinum in Uncharted: Golden Abyss on PS Vita. is updated several times every day with the latest Free Sony Slim PS3 news and games reviews.

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Slim PS3 news: PlayStation Game and Community Awards 2011 – the results

Find out the best games of 2011 as voted for by the PlayStation Community.

At the start of the year, we asked you, the PlayStation Community, to tell us which games rocked your PlayStation 3 and PSP systems in 2011 over at

We’d like to thank you all for sending in your nominations and voting for your favourites. You can view the full list of winners below.

PS3 Game of the Year: Uncharted 3: Drake´s Deception

“Uncharted won a crushing victory. Keep up the good work Naughty Dog and you´ll have more success and great sales in the future.” (javi_vcl, Spain)

Best Multiplayer: Battlefield 3

“Great result for Battlefield 3. It´s a real pleasure to play on its servers.” (AIPadrino, Spain)

Best PlayStation Network Service: Official PlayStation Forums

Most Anticipated PlayStation Game of 2012: The Last of Us

“There´s great expectation for The Last of Us. I’m really looking forward to something new from Naughty Dog after the success of Uncharted.” (AIPadrino, Spain)

Best PlayStation Video Game Art and Design: Uncharted 3: Drake´s Deception”With three wins, Uncharted 3 is the big winner.” (Aluai, Portugal)

Most Wanted Trophy: Uncharted 3: Drake´s Deception platinum “Naughty Dog has proved itself again this year.” (d1capo, Netherlands)

Downloadable Content of the Year: Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand

Downloadable Game of the year: Limbo

“I’m very happy for Limbo.” (curre, Italy)

Best Video Game Character: Nathan Drake

“Nathan Drake had a clear victory over the other candidates.” (Midgar_01, Spain)

Most Anticipated PS Vita Game: Uncharted: Golden Abyss

“In my eyes it’s well deserved. This is also the reason why I pre-ordered my PS Vita.” (steven_dutch, Netherlands)

PSP Game of the Year: Patapon 3

Keep an eye on for more great ways to share your favourite gaming experiences with the PlayStation Community.

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PS3 news: The People vs: Red Dead Redemption

The Rockstar development team behind Red Dead Revolver answers questions from the PlayStation community.

Considering that an open world Wild West game is not really mainstream, how did you come up with the idea for it? (hgtred, Germany)

The initial idea came during the completion of Red Dead Revolver. While Rockstar San Diego was working to finish that game, we started to see the potential for an open world game set in the West.

Then we decided to focus not on the classic Western period of Revolver but to base the story in the fascinating times around the death of the West, in the early 1900s, when America was going through a difficult time of great change. That gave us the greatest scope to fit in all the different story elements that we wanted in the game, from the classic American frontier to the iconic Mexican landscapes of the spaghetti westerns and a more modern town like Blackwater.

We never choose to make our games based on what’s popular at any given time -we try to do the opposite. We try to make the kinds of games we want to play and hope enough other people feel the same way.

Is there any connection between Red Dead Revolver and Redemption? (CaptainCortez, UK)

Red Dead Redemption isn’t a direct sequel to Red Dead Revolver, more a spiritual successor. That said, we strongly encourage you to explore the world for yourself and discover everything there is to learn about it. It may yield a few secrets and surprises.

From what I saw in the released videos, the horses are very realistic. How much time did you spend capturing their movements? (corpocannibal, Portugal)

Making the horses look and move believably was a long, arduous and messy process that included shooting our own motion capture of horses in action, right down to sticking the little white balls all over the horse in order to get the most accurate capture data and picking them all up and sticking them back on when they would fall off.

We had a famous stunt horse called Blanco and a very accomplished rider to put him through his paces. Capturing the horse’s real, natural movements, as well as the way the horse and rider worked together, was an amazing experience. Once we had the capture data, it was a case of choosing the right breeds, watching films and videos of them in motion and even using some of our facial animation technology to recreate the muscle movements. We’re immensely proud of the horses in Red Dead Redemption – they’re like nothing ever seen in a game before.

How extensive is the story and, more specifically, how many hours of gameplay can we expect? (Fischli, Germany; bubbez, Scandi)

Pretty long, we hope – the game is huge and the story itself is an epic in which John Marston meets many old faces and journeys across three huge regions, but how long it takes depends on how much time the player spends exploring. Given the huge amount of mini-games, including horseshoes, poker and liar’s dice; the stranger missions and other activities including hunting, treasure hunting and bounty hunting; and all the other surprises scattered across the world, the amount of time you spend in the game world is completely up to you.

Will we be able to capture fellow players with our lasso in the multiplayer? (Son_of_Bane, Netherlands)

No, lassos aren’t available in multiplayer – trying to get a curving, fluid-like piece of rope to work in single player was a massive technical challenge in itself, but the potential for 16 lassos attempting to interact with each other to cause knotty technical problems meant we had to confine the lasso to single player.

Will the main character be able to develop physically like CJ in GTA: San Andreas? (II-GRATOR-II, Spain)

Marston won’t become any stronger, or gain or lose weight, but you can affect the way the world responds to him by changing his outfit. By collecting scraps of outfits scattered across the world, you can gain access to full outfits that will have special benefits. For example, collecting a particular gang outfit will allow Marston to sneak into that gang’s territory without attracting attention. Or if you attain the Elegant suit, for example, you will gain the ability to cheat at poker. You can change into a different outfit at any of your in-game save points, either in a town or at your campsite.

Will the soundtrack be in the same style as a real western movie? (MechAArmA, France; Loganer94, Italy)

Music plays a huge part in Red Dead Redemption and it is used in unexpected ways. The soundtrack is actually a dynamic score, where what you hear is determined by what’s going on in the world around you and by the territory that you find yourself in.

The score and soundtrack itself is amazing and was put together by Bill Elm and Woody Jackson, two musicians critically acclaimed for their evocative and cinematic soundscapes. Early in the game you will hear music that’s reminiscent of the classic spaghetti westerns that were such a big influence on the soundtrack of Red Dead Revolver. However, Red Dead Redemption is set in a much later period, during the death of the West itself, so the music evolves to feature newer, more modern instrumentation.

Certain instruments in the soundtrack are linked to specific territories, to give each territory its own unique atmosphere. There are also guest vocal performances by Jose Gonzales, William Ellis Whitmore and Jamie Lidell that add extra atmosphere to certain crucial moments in the game’s story. is updated regularly every day with the very latest Slim PS3 news and reviews.

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PS3 news: Obsession Confessions: minis

Find out which snackable games the PlayStation community has been filling its spare minutes with.

As February was minis month, the community at the official PlayStation Forums discussed which minis they have most enjoyed. Here are their favourites, in order of popularity, with quotes explaining why their choice is the tastiest morsel in the minis category on PlayStation Store.

1. Hero of Sparta

“This game includes epic boss fights, a lot of monsters and very large levels. The controls are excellent and God of War fans will enjoy this game a lot; they really should give it a go.” (Twilight_Rico, Netherlands)

2. VectorTD

“I love tower defence games and this one in particular is great. Graphics are not the most important thing but what is important is that this game can last for hours. The number of available towers and their prices are perfectly matched and bonuses appearing from time to time can be used in different ways, depending on your strategy. It’s a must-have for any fan of tower defence.” (artur1982, Poland)

3. Tetris

“Once you start, you can’t stop!” (fashion23gta, Portugal)

4. Zombie Tycoon

“It’s impressive how many zombies can fit in one minis title!” (Low_K0, Germany)

5. Mahjongg Artifacts 2

“You want a campaign mode? There is one in the Conquest Mode! You want to play endlessly and you do not want to be bothered by finishing a level? The infinite mode is the one you need. You like Mahjongg in solo mode but you want some more? Bonus pieces will make you happy. In a word, if you like Mahjongg, you will love Mahjongg Artifacts 2!” (Sanzein, France)

6. Fieldrunners

“Fieldrunners makes you try again and again to find the best strategy against various types of enemies. Each level gives you new challenges and even when you have completed a level, you can try again with different weapons and strategies. Fieldrunners give you a lot of play time for the money and it is my favorite minis title for both PSP and PlayStation 3.” (The_Alp, UK)


Thanks to all those who got involved – you will be receiving a PlayStation Network Voucher Code to download a copy of Tetris – and look out for another installment of Obsession Confessions, coming soon.

Slim PS3 is updated frequently each day with the very latest Free Sony Slim PS3 news and games reviews.

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Slim PS3 news: The People vs: Final Fantasy XIII

The PlayStation community put their questions to Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama.

When Final Fantasy producer and designer, Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama, came to London to speak to media about their latest title, went along armed with questions from the PlayStation community. Thanks to everyone that submitted their question over at the official PlayStation Forums.

What would you say to someone that has never played a Final Fantasy game before? (DrJones_PhD, United Kingdom)

Yoshinori Kitase: Those that haven’t tried RPGs might fear that the game is too complex, but if you take an interest in the story rather than feel apprehensive about the depth, then you will discover how to play the game gradually and naturally. Just take an interest in the story and let that guide you.

Motomu Toriyama: The overall theme of the story is determination to fight against one’s own fate. fal’Cie is a deity that uses Lightning and the other members of the party like slaves; in a way, they are bound to an unreasonable destiny. So really the story is about these characters fighting off the unfairness of their own fate.

Why the more action-based approach to combat? (Sand_Snake, solid_sammy, SSeifer, KARASU-NULL, France)

MT: It’s partly true that Final Fantasy XIII takes a more action-based approach to combat. The main concept behind the battle system is combining action with the traditional turn-based strategy to create something new. In view of making an RPG for a High Definition console like PS3, we realise that this approach might be better received by the wider gaming audience, and perhaps easier for them to warm to.

Will the PAL version feature a Japanese language option, with English subtitles? (fantasyfreak, Netherlands)

YK: No, it will not. I had heard at other media presentations that this was a popular request, and I have to say it came to me as a surprise.

Are you considering releasing the game in 3D? (Ruy-o, Germany)

YK: We don’t know how possible it is to build the game in 3D but we are interested in it. In fact, we have already created a 3D Final Fantasy XIII trailer, which is currently showing in Japanese cinemas alongside the film Avatar.

Currently, that’s only available in Japan, but there might be an opportunity for a wider release in the future.

Will Ultima Weapons return in Final Fantasy XIII? (Npod, Portugal)

MT: We’re not quite sure exactly what you mean as we don’t know the translations, but if you mean Ultimate Weapon in that you can upgrade each weapon until it is at its most powerful, then yes you can.

Does the game require a data install before playing? (European_Gamer, Denmark)

MT: For the comfort of the players, no, this is not necessary.

Which are your favourite, Chocobos or Moggles? (Domino2097, United Kingdom)

YK: [Laughs] I prefer Chocobos, definitely. In Final Fantasy XIII you will be encountering baby Chocobos, Cocoon Chocobos and grandpa Chocobos. As for Moggles, they will just be making a cameo appearance in this particular title.


Get involved with the countless discussions happening on the official PlayStation Forums right now.

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Slim PS3 news: Obsession Confessions: delicious downloads

Discover which PlayStation Network games have most impressed the PlayStation community.

After two weeks of discussion over which games have proved the most addictive, the official PlayStation Forum regulars moved onto the next Obssession Confessions topic – their favourite PlayStation Store downloads. Here are their picks in order of popularity, with quotes from contributors across Europe.

1. Flower

“Flower is not just a game: it’s a story. The story of flowers telling their dreams in a universe of beauty and enchanting melodies. With exceptional SIXAXIS handling, it transports you to an adventure with no equal.” (aat08, France)

2. WipEout HD

“It has to be one of the most breathtaking games – it looks amazing in full HD and for the price it’s one heck of a bargain. Nothing out there can beat it for pure enjoyment. The visuals should be the benchmark for any game.” (Chris_D, UK)

3. Burnout Paradise

“Challenge your limits with stunning speed!” (fashion23gta, Portugal)

4. Fat Princess

“It’s a cool game… I liked it!” (TUHTA_1994, Russia)

5. Battlefield 1943

“Epic battles in Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal or the Wake Island; team game, tanks, jeeps, boats, planes, bombers and destruction. There’s nowhere for the enemy to hide!” (tabunet, Spain)

6. Warhawk

“Warhawk was number one when I bought my PS3. It’s a great game which everyone should play at least once. It may not be realistic but it’s loads of fun… I’ve spent many hours playing and they were all worth it.” (patrick1991groot, Netherlands)

7. Metal Gear Solid

“Simply because it is THE PS one Classic game par excellence and shouldn’t be missed. Since it is now available from PlayStation Store, it is a must-have.” (gamer4online, Germany)

8. Trine

“This game’s beauty, playability and originality make it one of the most attractive of the last year.” (elmosca, Spain)

9. Zen Pinball

“The file size makes it easy to download and it’s a well made game. It takes you back to the past when we used to play real pinball, and everybody in my house likes it.” (AlexTheStampede, Italy)

10. Bomberman Ultra

“There are many delicious downloads in PlayStation Store and, like in life, one candy is never enough. The one that nobody appreciates is Bomberman Ultra. That game is great and provides a lot of laughter.” (rabsonek, Poland)


Thanks to everyone that participated in the discussion. There will be more Obsession Confessions threads in the coming weeks; in the meantime, join the hundreds of conversations happening right now at the official PlayStation Forums. is updated regularly every day with the latest Free Slim PS3 news and reviews.

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