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30 best iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone games this week

Humble Bundle, Real Boxing, Skylanders, Arranger, Verticus, Words With Friends, Draw Something and more

It’s starting to get a little crazy now. The longlist for this week’s “best games” post included more than 60 titles – and that’s after filtering out uninteresting releases to leave just the notable ones. More than 60.

It’s a sign of the bustling mobile games market, but also slightly unsettling: how many of these games will sink without trace on the app stores, even though they’re good?

Anyway, making the hard decisions to get that kind of longlist down to 30 is what this weekly post is all about. Here’s this week’s selection:

Real Boxing (£2.99)

Already receiving rave reviews from critics, Real Boxing is a beat ‘em up starring beefy 3D boxers, gestural punching controls, online multiplayer features and lots of fighter customisation. The spiffing motion capture and deep career mode are worthy of the praise.iPhone / iPad

The Humble Bundle for Android 4

No price on this one, because like previous Humble Bundles, you pay what you think the games are worth. This is a compilation of five Android games: Splice, Eufloria, Waking Mars, Crayon Physics Deluxe and a beta version of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. Pay more than the average price – $6.38 at the time of writing – and you get more games: Machinarium, Canabalt, Cogs, Swords & Soldiers HD, Zen Bound 2 and Avadon: The Black Fortress. Innovative games, super value.Android

Hunters: Episode One (£2.99)

Ported from iOS, this turn-based strategy game puts you in charge of a team of mercenaries in the future, kitting them out and upgrading their skills for a series of missions, with a new one delivered every day. The XCOM series is the most apt comparison, and one that Hunters isn’t overshadowed by.Android

Skylanders Lost Islands (Free)

Activision’s Skylanders have been a big hit with younger gamers (and have made a big dent in many parents’ wallets thanks to their use of toy figures too). Now there’s a new Skylanders game for iOS, which involves building your own Skylands islands CityVille-style, completing missions and – if you own the toys – importing those characters into the game.iPhone / iPad

Arranger (£0.69)

Arranger is a quirky, musical mini-game collection that’s fizzing with ideas. Sporting pixelly retro graphics, it’s part RPG where you’re exploring a magical land, and part WarioWare-style surreal mini-games – all with a focus on music. It may be an acquired taste, but fans won’t be able to get enough.iPhone

Ingress (Free)

Here’s a curveball: an ambitious location-based game with quests, codes and multiplayer features that gets you capturing real-world territory within the game. The developer? Google. Well, the Niantic Labs division within Google. It’s launched in closed beta, but invites can be requested from its official website.Android

Words With Friends (£2.29)

Zynga’s popular multiplayer word-puzzler Words With Friends has made its way to Windows Phone, with Scrabble-esque gameplay that sees you making words from tiles. The hook, as on iOS and Android, is that you can be playing several separate games against friends at once, taking turns at your leisure.Windows Phone

Draw Something (£2.29)

It’s been a good week for Windows Phone when it comes to well-known social games: Zynga has also ported Draw Something to Microsoft’s platform. If you missed its initial success earlier in the year, it challenges you to draw pictures to illustrate words, then watch friends try to guess them. And vice versa.Windows Phone

Candy Crush Saga (Free)

Talking of popular social games… Candy Crush Saga has been a big hit on Facebook, where it has more than 5m daily active players. It’s a sweetie-themed puzzle game by which follows its Bubble Witch Saga onto the App Store: 100 levels, lots of power-ups, and friends’ scores to outdo.iPhone / iPad

DragonVale (Free)

Backflip Studios’ DragonVale has been an enormous hit on iOS, but now it’s available on Android too. The gameplay is all about breeding and raising dragons, before setting them racing to win prizes. Lots of customisation and social features provide depth to all this virtual pettery.Android

Dream of Pixels (£0.69)

“Tetris in reverse” would be the high-concept pitch for this game, where you have to unpack lines of tetromino blocks from the sky rather than just slot them into place on the ground. It’s actually one of the most relaxing-to-play mobile games released this year, in a good way.iPhone / iPad

Coaster Crazy (Free)

Our enduring fascination with theme parks and rollercoasters has made itself known in a variety of games down the years. This new game comes from Frontier Developments, which has form having made RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 for PC back in the day. This new game sees you building rollercoasters in 3D to satisfy customers, while unlocking pieces and cars to fuel bigger and better ones in the future.iPhone / iPad

Shadowgun: Deadzone (Free)

This multiplayer third-person shooter is available for the first time on iOS this week, and emerging from beta on Android. It offers 12-player online deathmatches, a good choice of maps and characters to play, and a hatful of weapons with which to blow the bejaysus out of rivals.Android / iPhone / iPad

Waking Mars (£3.15)

Tiger Style’s wonderful grow ‘em up is included in the latest Humble Bundle (see earlier entry), but can also be bought on its own from the Google Play store. It sees you bringing Mars back to life by growing plants and aliens, experimenting with different combinations to create an exotic ecosystem.Android

Gear Jack (£0.69)

Here’s more space-action, albeit this time not on Mars. You play Jack, a robot who has to save his spaceship from being marooned in a Black Hole by running, jumping and sliding along 30 platform levels. A nice touch is the way you can customise his abilities, better at running, rolling or jumping according to how you like to play.iPhone / iPad

Sonic CD (£3.99)

The release of Windows Phone 8 seems to have kicked off a flurry of game releases, with Sega’s remastered Sonic CD game joining Draw Something and Words With Friends on Microsoft’s Marketplace. It’s a faithful recreation of the classic game, and hardcore fans will love the inclusion of its Japanese soundtrack as an option.Windows Phone

Chip Chain (Free)

This is also a good week for accessible puzzle games – a genre that tends to do well on mobile phones. In this case, you’re trying to match poker chips in quantities of three or more, with combos and lots of power-ups to spice up the gameplay.iPhone / iPad

Beat Hazard Ultra (Free)

Another example of music being used as a key gameplay element, rather than just background. Beat Hazard Ultra is a frenetic shoot ‘em up that constructs its levels from your own music collection, something that’s as hypnotic on Android as it was on iOS when the game was released for that.Android

Bastion (£2.99)

Well-loved action-RPG Bastion has been iPad-only until now, but it has just been updated to be a Universal app so iPhone gamers can join the fun. It’s a lush, engrossing adventure with beautiful scenery and music complementing the challenging gameplay.iPhone

My Little Pony (Free)

Yup. My Little Pony is riding high as a brand for children and adults (including bronies) alike in 2012. I featured the iOS version last week, but the Android edition has since gone live too. It’s part FarmVille (well, Ponyville in this case) but with mini-games thrown in starring the My Little Pony characters.Android

Bloons TD 5 (£1.99)

The Bloons series of tower-defence games have been very popular on iOS and Android, with iOS first to get the fifth title in the series. It sees you building towers, hiring defenders and seeing off enemies with a variety of weaponry, with more than 250 random missions to work through.iPhone

Sky Burger (Free)

NimbleBit is best known for its Pocket Frogs, Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes games, but Sky Burger was around before all them on iOS. Now it’s got an Android port, as you catch ingredients falling from the sky and build huge, wobbling burger stacks.Android

Guess! (Free)

The flippant way to describe this game from TinyCo would be “Draw Something without the drawing”. Which means an asynchronous multiplayer word game where you have to describe a word without using a set of “banned” words, then a friend has to guess it correctly.iPhone / iPad

Predators (£1.87)

You can’t keep a good Predator down (let alone a very bad, slavering killbeast Predator). This game brings the infamous movie villain to Android, with you playing as the Predator rather than as the humans trying to kill him. It’s a neat twist, with an array of weaponry to help.Android

RPG End of Aspiration (£3.99)

Not a brand new Android app, but available in English for the first time this week. It’s the work of Kemco Games, which already has a fine reputation for making the kind of lovingly-crafted Japanese RPGs that make fans of the genre go moist-eyed. Expect lots of battling and a suitably epic storyline.Android

Ruby Blast (£0.69)

This is Zynga’s latest game: a colourful jewel-puzzler that sees you digging through a site of ancient treasures, collecting power-ups as you go. Social features are, as ever, a big part of the gameplay, as you compare your score to friends.iPhone

Anger of Stick 2 (Free)

This is fun from casual games firm Miniclip: an action game starring a stick figure who at various points wields a baseball bat, UZI gun, grenade launcher, flamethrower and sword. Oh, and helicopters and robots are thrown in for good measure as you fight your way through stick-enemies.Android

FreeSkate Xtreme (£0.69)

Aiming for “A Kinect-like experience on iOS devices”, this is a skateboarding game that gets you tilting your iPhone to steer, but also moving your head – the game uses the front-facing camera to detect your movements and translate them into controls. It could be a gimmick if the game wasn’t fun, but this has plenty of legs.iPhone

QatQi (Free)

Just when you think there can’t be much more new ground to be broken in the word-games genre, along comes something like QatQi with an inventive take on letter-based puzzling. It’s hard to explain in a paragraph, but the game sees you exploring maps by laying tiles, scoring points for the words you make. Social features, daily new levels and characterful music and visuals make it stand out.iPhone / iPad

Lazy Raiders (£0.69)

And finally this week, another brainbending puzzle game, this time with an archeological theme. It sees you hunting down relics and avoiding traps with Doctor Diggabone, as you move the world around him, rather than the actual character. Namco Bandai’s 60-maze puzzler looks good fun.iPhone / iPad

Phew. That’s this week’s selection of 30 games, with apologies to some good titles that didn’t quite make it in (Pocket Festival, Word Wonders, Animal Academy: Fairy Tails, Icy Tower 2, Scrubs, Max Awesome, Word Bird, Gem Smashers, Total Recoil and others would all have made the list on a normal week).

What have you been playing on your smartphone or tablet though? Make your recommendations or give your views on the games above by posting a comment.




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The 25 best smartphone games of 2011 so far – part two

The second part of our bumper mobile gaming roundup, with all the best titles from 2011 – so far.

Following the first part of our collection of smartphone gaming treats, here’s the concluding batch, rounding up the very best titles of the last six months. Again, I sought the help of brilliant handheld game site Pocket Gamer, and its writers have lent their considerable wealth of miniaturised gaming knowledge to the selection.

Anyway, have a read then hit an app store and start sampling!

League of Evil

Ravenous Games, iOS (link here), £1.19

Like many of the titles in this list, League of Evil is an absolute triumph of style over originality. In effect, it’s a traditional run-and-jump platformer, complete with blocky visuals, a scratchy chip tune soundtrack and lots of spikes, hammers and lasers. But like cult XBLA hit Super Meat Boy, it’s also tightly designed and brutally difficult. As Pocket Gamer’s Mark Brown explains, “The giant on-screen buttons are responsive and reliable enough to let you leap gaps, hop off walls, avoid obstacles and punch malicious boffins square in the mug. It just goes to show that a genre built on joysticks, D-pads, and fumbling dexterity challenges can be made to fit the sleek, button-free gloss of today’s smartphones with due care and constant play-testing.”

Max and the Magic Marker

EA Games, iOS (link here), WP7, £1.19

Previously released on Wiiware and PC, Max and the Magic Marker is a combination of platformer and Scribblenauts-style doodle puzzler. Your aim is to get Max through a series of environments, avoiding obstacles by drawing objects such as bridges, see-saws and bubbles, which will get your pen-wielding protagonist to safety. Or you can just draw massive weights over the heads of enemies and watch as they’re crushed – by art. “It’s no LittleBigPlanet, says Keith Andrew. “But for those who find the prospect of designing a game from scratch somewhat daunting that’s no bad thing. Instead, it gives you the opportunity to sketch your way to success. There are limits to your creativity – what you can draw is constrained by the amount of ink you have in reserve – but Max and the Magic Marker’s pen power is a gratifying gimmick nonetheless.”


FazeCat, iOS (link here), £1.19

The tower defence genre has been a smartphone mainstay since the beginning, but this could be the freshest and most original take since Plants vs Zombies. It’s the distant future and humanity has been wiped out, with cute forest critters evolving to replace man at the top of the food chain. But now an undead evil has returned to the planet, and the animals, led by the eponymous terrier, must strike back. Gameplay combines elements of the RTS and time-management sim into the mix as you accrue resources and select units to attack the enemy stronghold. The visuals are almost irresponsibly cute, while the varied strategic action is compelling. But the masterstroke is having Paladog as a playable general in the midst of the fighting – like Dynasty Warriors but with puppies.


Jean-Francois Geyelin, Android (link here), free

Channelling the ghosts of Battlezone, Robotron and Geometry Wars, PewPew is a gorgeously retro slab of wire-frame shoot-‘em-up insanity. Through a series of stark environments, you blast at incoming enemy craft using a virtual twin-stick setup. The action is fast and frantic, the screen regularly teeming with shards of neon shrapnel, and there are four stages to scorch through, including Mega Gore, in which you simply blast everything that moves, and Dodge This, where your weapons are taken and you simply have to navigate through the carnage. It’s exciting, bewildering and tinged with vintage visual design sensibilities. And there’s a fantastic sequel out already.


Hexage, iPhone (link here) and Android (link here), free

Two giant global mainframes are sending out their robots to destroy each other, and you must help the good computer win by engaging in one-on-one turn-based android war. In a novel twist, actions are chosen via a slot machine mechanic, which spins through the available options per turn: manage to get two or more icons the same and your attack is more powerful. It’s a great idea, skilfully executed and with neat visual flourishes. “Slot machines aren’t known for their strategy credentials,” admits Hearn. “Yet Robotek somehow makes a largely luck-based endeavour into an engrossing and stylish casual freemium strategy game. Like Peggle and countless other casual hits, it’s this balance between luck and skill that makes Robotek extremely approachable. And it’s free.”

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Sumo Digital, iPhone (link here), £2.99

Sumo Digital’s faithful port of the very good Mario Kart-style console racer is a required purchase for Sega nuts. With fun handling and a range of courses designed around classic titles such as House of the Dead and Samba De Amigo, it’s an assured cartoon drive-‘em-up. We also love the choice of drivers behind the wheels of the various vehicles (which boast appreciably diverse handling characteristics) – who wouldn’t want to jump into a car with the stars of Shenmue or Jet Set Radio? As Hearn enthuses, “Online and local multiplayer, challenges, a thrilling sense of speed and some deft handling make this the closest the iOS has ever had to a proper Mario Kart rival, and far better than we’ve come to expect from home console ports.”

Speedball 2 Evolution

Tower Studios, iOS (link here), £2.39

The Bitmap Brothers’ Amiga classic has found itself on almost as many platforms as Tetris over the last few years – there’s just something instinctively engaging about this top-down-viewed futuristic blood sport. The fundamental sports action (a fast-paced cross between rugby, hockey and town-centre violence) is thrillingly realised, but there is also the tactical team-building element, allowing you to buy and train new players. As Will Wilson explains, “The controls are tight and responsive, feeling almost as natural on the touchscreen as they did on a joystick, while the graphics have been given a tidy polish without sacrificing the scuffed vintage character of the original. Even if you hold no particular nostalgia towards Speedball 2, Evolution’s pace and crunching gameplay hold up well.”

StarFront: Collision

Gameloft, iOS (link here), Android (link here), £various

French mobile veteran Gameloft has, time and time again, proved itself the master of taking console and PC gaming staples and brilliantly transferring them to the small screen. StarFront: Collision is essentially StarCraft, a deep, engaging real-time strategy title, pitching three interstellar races against each other, each with its own selection of ground and aerial units. The visuals are punchy and detailed, the user interface finely crafted for the iPhone display, and the single-player campaign is lengthy and engaging. Add in both local and online multiplayer and you have the most thorough RTS experience available. (Gameloft has a little gameplay demo of the iPad version here).

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Capybara, iOS (link here), £2.99

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP drew quite a lot of attention earlier this year, mostly due to the artistic and theoretical intentions of its creators, who wanted the game to be a sort of metaphysical adventure, in which discovering the very nature of virtual questing is the real player objective. But don’t let that put you off – it’s also an imaginative and visually arresting title, with truly effective pixel graphics and neat concepts at every turn. “It’s a unique and challenging game,” says Mark Brown. “Sometimes it even challenges you to enjoy it. For instance, the third act can last a full, real-life lunar cycle if you don’t delve into the game’s time-bending secrets. It’s certainly game-ish, with occasional monster-bashing and the odd RPG-style fetch quest. But it’s more laid back and cerebral than that – it’s an enchanting, arty experience about curiosity, discovery and everything in between.”

Tiny Wings

Andreas Illiger, iOS (link here), 59p

Andreas Illiger’s casual hit has followed Cut The Rope in the growing line of Angry Birds beaters. It has plenty of similarities with Rovio’s mega-seller – including a cute avine hero and a physics mechanic based around flight – but if anything Tiny Wings is even more intuitive. The idea is to help a tiny flightless bird into the air by setting him off down a hill, launching him into the air, then touching the screen to maintain his flight. Each quaintly crayoned background is procedurally generated so it never looks or plays the same way twice. “Tiny Wings appears to be based on obscure indie game Wavespark,” says Rob. “But to all intents and purposes it’s unique, particularly as it distinguishes itself from its lo-fi blueprint with a Yoshi’s Island-esque art style and a some adorable nonsense about birds dreaming. A vivid reminder of what a lone developer with imagination can achieve on the App Store.”(The official gameplay trailer is here.)

Wave – Against Every BEAT!

Color Box Software, iOS (link here), Android, 59p

When Tetsuya Mizuguchi cleverly combined the shoot-‘em-up and rhythm action genres into his 1999 title Rez, he spawned an offbeat sub-genre that has flourished on mobile platforms. This latest example is a neon-soaked scrolling blaster with a strong audio element and an emphasis on accessibility rather than “bullet hell” carnage. Players simply slide a finger around the screen to move, while shooting is automatic. “It’s not for everybody,” admits Keith Andrew. “But if hardcore shooters leave you cold, Wave – Against Every BEAT is the perfect tonic. The action is hectic enough to make you look accomplished in front of onlookers, and you’ll be able to make sense of it even if you’re just an averagely skilled gamer.” Always a good selling point around these parts.

World of Goo

2D Boy, iOS (link here), £1.79

Back in 2008, World of Goo was one of the original stars of the indie revival, revered alongside the likes of Braid and Darwinia as a beacon of hope for the bedroom coding fraternity. The iPhone version retains the original WiiWare title’s central premise – you must traverse a series of obstacle-filled screens by building bridges and towers out of blobs of goo. There are various types of globules, each with different capabilities, and the deceptive depth and calming properties of this physics-based challenge is almost zen-like. The touchscreen controls also work brilliantly, adding a pleasingly tactile element to the action. An absolute must.Prices and platforms correct at time of writing.






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Slim PS3 news: Weekend Essentials 83

Latest Slim PS3 news:

Harry Potter signs off in style, EA serves up a feast of summer bargains and you can win Gran Turismo 5: Signature Edition with PlayStation.

It all ends here for Harry PotterHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2: The Videogame is the thrilling finale to one of the biggest entertainment series of the past ten years. The downfall of Voldemort is the priority in this gripping, emotional farewell to the boy wizard who came of age throughout a magical series of books, movies and video games. Join the fight now on PlayStation 3.

Captain America hits PS3As we wave goodbye to one icon in Harry Potter, another comes crashing in. Captain America: Super Soldier places the US patriot into a fight for his nation’s future against the massed ranks of HYDRA. It’s a titanic battle that can be witnessed in impressive stereoscopic 3D when it launches on PS3 this weekend.

Gamocracy shows the sense of Community Introducing Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot, the result of a unique project to get the official PlayStation Community involved in developing its very own game. H-7 is the robot hero, mankind’s survival the goal, and across 20 breakneck levels – including Los Angeles and the South American jungle – you’ll witness the ingenuity of your fellow PlayStation fans in this minis game. Download it to your PS3 and PSP, only from PlayStation Store.

Sizzling EA Summer SpecialsHead to PlayStation Store where you’ll find the EA Summer Specials sale taking place. There’s 30 per cent off a host of downloadable games, including the classic puzzler Tetris, the scribbled delights of The Fancy Pants Adventures and the PlayStation Move enabled shocks of Dead Space: Ignition. The sale runs until 20 July 2011, so download some bargains today.  

Stay cool with the Video Store of PlayStation StoreDownload a fantastic new selection of movies at prices to give you a sunny outlook, courtesy of the Video Store of PlayStation Store. Some you’ll want to keep forever, while others are available for rental so you can save room for exciting new content. You’ll be able to clap eyes on blockbuster films for your PS3 and PSP throughout the summer at great prices.

Win a copy of Gran Turismo 5: Signature EditionGet your hands on the highly sought-after Gran Turismo 5: Signature Edition on PS3 in our exclusive competition. There are 15 copies of the game up for grabs, each one signed by the creator of the Gran Turismo series himself – Kazunori Yamauchi. To enter, head to before 18 July 2011.

Win an ace Virtua Tennis 4 bundleGrand Slam tennis season is in full swing in Virtua Tennis 4 on PS3. With the excitement of Wimbledon still fresh in the mind, you can bag yourself a copy of the game along with a PlayStation Move motion controller and a PlayStation Eye camera. Just head to and sign in with your PlayStation Network Sign-In ID to be in with a chance of winning.

Keep an eye on PlayStation Blog at for the latest PlayStation news as it happens and visit for your chance to win great prizes.

Be sure to opt in to receive PlayStation emails when you sign up for a PlayStation Network account. If you already have an account, sign in to your PlayStation Network account settings at or via the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) and opt in. That way, you can keep bang up to date and receive the latest PlayStation news direct to your inbox. is updated regularly each day with the latest Free Slim PS3 news.

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PlayStation boss calls Nintendo 3DS a ‘babysitting tool’

A senior exec at Sony has given Nintendo’s 3DS a severe verbal beatdown, calling the glasses-free 3D console a “babysitting tool”.

Jack Tretton, the president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, went medieval on Mario in an interview with Fortune, claiming the 3DS would be an embarrassing accessory for the trendy modern gadabout. “No self-respecting twenty-something is going to be sitting on an airplane with one of those,” he raged. “He’s too old for that.”

Ouch. There’s no love lost between Sony and Nintendo — these latest comments draw on a rich history of bickering, along the lines that Nintendo’s offerings are childish and underpowered, while PlayStation devices are more appealing to hardcore gamers, and are crammed with handfuls of high-powered hardware.

Tretton said Nintendo’s DS family of handhelds offered a “Game Boy experience”, but if he was fishing for a smackdown, perhaps his words were poorly chosen, because now all we can think about are the happy hours we spent playing Tetris on otherwise joyless camping trips.

Tretton didn’t stop at handhelds either, laying into the Wii: “I mean, you’ve gotta be kidding me. Why would I buy a gaming system without a hard drive in it? How does this thing scale?”

Yes, we’re sure that’s what every one of its 85 million owners said when they first saw it: “How does this thing scale?”

But he might have a point — Sony’s ‘hardware overload’ approach does tend to give its products more longevity, with the PS2 racking up over 10 years on sale. And as Fortune notes, Final Fantasy XIII was released on a single Blu-ray disc for the PS3, but had to be spread across three DVDs for the Xbox 360 version.

On the other hand, all the high-spec tech inside the PS3 made it incredibly pricey at launch — something which undoubtedly contributed to its initially lacklustre sales.

Still, Sony doesn’t look to be abandoning its everything-under-the-sun approach to its consoles. Speaking of the upcoming NGP handheld, which is due out later in the year (although it’ll probably be delayed), Tretton had the following to say:

“With the NGP, we asked, what is it that is lacking? We looked at every technology out there, every [bell and] whistle, and how can we make those flexible as possible for consumers to experience.”

The NGP certainly packs a tonne of tech — with a massive hi-res touchscreen, two cameras, two analogue sticks and a touch-sensitive trackpad around the back, it’s housing more hardware than Optimus Prime. But that’ll probably make it more expensive and bulkier than the 3DS, and of course it’s arriving on the scene considerably later.

As for us, we’ve barely stopped playing our 3DS since it arrived, and yes — we’ve used it on a plane. No, we don’t have any self respect.

How do you feel? Do you prefer your gaming hardware simple and cheap? Or would you rather pay a little extra for a tricked-out console? Is Tretton right when he says Nintendo is for kiddies? Let us know in the grownup comments, or on our mature Facebook page.
 is updated frequently per day with the very latest Slim PS3 news, reviews and features.

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PS3 news: Obsession Confessions: minis

Find out which snackable games the PlayStation community has been filling its spare minutes with.

As February was minis month, the community at the official PlayStation Forums discussed which minis they have most enjoyed. Here are their favourites, in order of popularity, with quotes explaining why their choice is the tastiest morsel in the minis category on PlayStation Store.

1. Hero of Sparta

“This game includes epic boss fights, a lot of monsters and very large levels. The controls are excellent and God of War fans will enjoy this game a lot; they really should give it a go.” (Twilight_Rico, Netherlands)

2. VectorTD

“I love tower defence games and this one in particular is great. Graphics are not the most important thing but what is important is that this game can last for hours. The number of available towers and their prices are perfectly matched and bonuses appearing from time to time can be used in different ways, depending on your strategy. It’s a must-have for any fan of tower defence.” (artur1982, Poland)

3. Tetris

“Once you start, you can’t stop!” (fashion23gta, Portugal)

4. Zombie Tycoon

“It’s impressive how many zombies can fit in one minis title!” (Low_K0, Germany)

5. Mahjongg Artifacts 2

“You want a campaign mode? There is one in the Conquest Mode! You want to play endlessly and you do not want to be bothered by finishing a level? The infinite mode is the one you need. You like Mahjongg in solo mode but you want some more? Bonus pieces will make you happy. In a word, if you like Mahjongg, you will love Mahjongg Artifacts 2!” (Sanzein, France)

6. Fieldrunners

“Fieldrunners makes you try again and again to find the best strategy against various types of enemies. Each level gives you new challenges and even when you have completed a level, you can try again with different weapons and strategies. Fieldrunners give you a lot of play time for the money and it is my favorite minis title for both PSP and PlayStation 3.” (The_Alp, UK)


Thanks to all those who got involved – you will be receiving a PlayStation Network Voucher Code to download a copy of Tetris – and look out for another installment of Obsession Confessions, coming soon.

Slim PS3 is updated frequently each day with the very latest Free Sony Slim PS3 news and games reviews.

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