The Friday question: which developer would YOU give $1m to and why?

Cult developer Double Fine productions has just raised over a million dollars in Kickstarter funds for its next game. Who would you fund in this way, and what would you like them to make?

It is, of course, the feel-good story of the year so far. Veteran developer Tim Schafer didn’t think he’d get any publisher support to create an old skool point-and-click adventure, even though fans had been requesting one for years. So he set up a Kickstarter fund and asked for $400,000 within 32 days. What actually happened was this – he hit the target within a couple of hours, and the total is now over a million dollars.

To celebrate this immense story of talent, philanthropy and the power of crowd-sourcing, today’s friday question is a simple one: which developer would YOU fund to create a new game, and what title would you want to see?

I’ve put three of my own below:Matthew Smith – MegaTreeBack in the eighties, Matthew Smith programmed two of the most important games of the era: Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy. However, his third project, the mysterious MegaTree, was cancelled by his publisher and later, Smith went AWOL, moving to a commune in Holland to fix bicycles. He’s back in the UK now, but I believe the source code to MegaTree was auctioned off in aid of charity eight years ago. Still, $1m in funding might spur the idiosyncratic bedroom coding genius back into action.

Yu Suzuki – Shenmue 3Oh, okay, I know we’d need a lot more than $1m dollars, but what the heck – this would be the crowd-sourcing motherlode. Sega spent an absolute fortune on the first two Shenmue titles and as astonishing as this seamless action adventure series was, it never got close to recouping the investment. There is, at least, a large community of fans who want to see a third and final title in the proposed trilogy, so that’s a start. And perhaps Suzuki could scale down his ambition a little. Maybe form a ragtag indie studio and make it with the Unity3D engine?

Ninja Theory – Enslaved 2This beautiful post-apocalyptic shooter tanked when it was released in 2010, despite co-direction from Andy Serkis, a script from Alex Garland and a haunting score by Nitin Sawhney. Some suggested that the enemies lacked variety and that the action was muted. I just thought it was a beautifully imagined world, with appealing characters and smart dialogue. I guess there’s always a chance Ninja Theory will do another, but a Kickstarter fund of a million dollars or so won’t do any harm.

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