PS3 news: Killzone 3: Know your enemy

Use the Know Your Enemy Facebook App to sort friend from foe before meeting them on the deadly battlefields of Killzone 3.

In Killzone 3, the key to survival is keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer. Thankfully, the Know Your Enemy Facebook App lets you do just that, so you know who you can rely on to watch your back when the bullets start flying on PlayStation 3 – and who to let fly at.

Available to install now at, the Know Your Enemy Facebook App acts as a special ISA tracking device which analyses the most prominent friends on your Facebook profile and alerts you to their true intentions.

Think twice before inviting your best friend to join you in a Killzone 3 multiplayer session on PlayStation Network – they could be a Helghast spy sent to monitor your battle tactics. 

And as for that loud friend who always seems to be posting on your Wall late at night, well, they could well be acting on Helghast orders to disrupt your sleep patterns so you’ll be easy prey in the next day’s brutal firefight.

Use the intel provided by the Know Your Enemy Facebook App to identify the opposition and, crucially, stay one step ahead. Turn the enemy’s own ruthless tactics against them and secure your escape from Helghan by installing it now at

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