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What’s the future of gaming? Hit play on the video above to see me take to the icy streets of Southwark, to spell out six things that will change the world of videogames.

The world of gaming moves fast. Look away for even just a moment, and you’re likely to find videogames have changed entirely. One moment you were batting your brother’s N64 controller out of his hand to make him lose at GoldenEye, and the next everyone’s rocking out with plastic guitars.

With the medium accelerating like a dog that’s spied your expensive new trainers, what can we expect to see happening next?

Some changes are already upon us. The terrifying success of Angry BirdsĀ and other mobile games tells us people are going to be doing an awful lot more gaming on the go.

That’s exciting, right? As is the wane of physical media, which means no more traipsing down to HMV to pick up a game on day one. Instead you can stay indoors and download the hottest new games at your cosy leisure, potentially enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and laughing like a mad king.

But it’s not all good news. With publishers cracking down on trade-ins with one-use codes, the days of finding a second-hand classic in the bargain bin will soon be behind us.

That’s three predictions to be getting on with — hit play to see the others, and let me know in the comments or on our Facebook page if there are any major events in gaming’s future that I’ve missed.

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