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Find out what’s in store for you when DUST 514 releases later this year on PS3.

There is something thrilling about signing in to PlayStation Network and preparing for battle, knowing you’re engaging in real time combat with other players from all over the world.

But what if your attacks could permanently destroy a city? Or topple an empire? Imagine if everything you’d worked so hard to build was demolished by a single enemy strike. And, what if, instead of a battlefield or war-torn city, you were fighting across the vast terrain of an entire universe?

In a darkened room in Reykjavik’s futuristic Harpa building in Iceland, players got their first taste of DUST 514 at developer CCP’s annual gaming event, Fanfest. This was the perfect time to showcase its upcoming PlayStation 3 title which interlinks with the PC-based massively multiplayer online game, EVE Online.

Each bullet makes a difference

“DUST 514 is a triple A, free to play MMO set within the EVE universe, connected to EVE Online on PC,” explains Brandon Laurino, executive producer of DUST 514. “Being connected to EVE Online on PC means that there is a persistent universe filled with hundreds of thousands of people at one time, all making the game richer. It’s a really unique experience, unlike any other video game out there.”

Within DUST 514, players are mercenaries with the ability to seize territory for their own corporations through fierce online battles. Playing in teams of up to 24 players via PSN, teamwork is essential to overthrow opponents and occupy land. With plenty of customisation options available for weapons and vehicles you’re best equipped for the battle ahead.

Players at Fanfest in Reykjavik were invited to take part in a tournament in teams of eight to whet their appetite for the online action coming to PS3 in 2012.

“The reaction has been incredible; it’s exceeded even our wildest expectations. The enthusiasm and passion for the game we saw when people were competing in the tournament is just unbelievable,” says Laurino.

Experience DUST 514 on the move

CCP has also announced an app for PlayStation Vita, provisionally called DUST 514: Noecom. The app will allow players to manage their DUST 514 experience from their PS Vita by checking mail, changing settings and viewing maps so that when they sit down to play, they’ll be ready for battle.

“We’re calling it a companion app and it’s really about taking DUST 514 with you on the go. You can go as deep into the rabbit hole as you’d like – we know when you’re sitting on your sofa you just want to jump into the action, so PS Vita lets you sort out things like mail, your settings, the market and everything that supports the shooter experience in DUST 514. So, when you finally sit down and get into the game on your PS3, you’ll have sorted it all out first on your PS Vita,” says Laurino.

The dust won’t settle

Initially, temperate planets will host most of the action in DUST 514, and an update in early 2013 could see surfaces formed of ice, gas and lava being thrown into the mix, offering a whole new experience for players to experiment with.

Fans can also look forward to a capture the flag mode being introduced, along with gladiator-style battles that other players can spectate and place bets upon.

DUST 514 will release on PlayStation Store exclusively for PS3 later in 2012, so keep checking and PlayStation.Blog at for the latest news. is updated regularly per day with the very latest Slim PS3 news.


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