PlayStation news: New from PlayStation at E3 2012

Wonderbook: Book of Spells revealed, BEYOND: Two Souls unveiled and cross platform features detailed at E3 – find out more here.

New on PlayStation 3

Wonderbook, a brand new peripheral for PS3, will put a physical book into your hands and draw you deeper into a story than ever before thanks to incredible augmented reality features.

Wonderbook: Book of Spells will be the first game to work in tandem with the revolutionary new peripheral. Set to bring wizardry to life in your living room on PS3, the game features exclusive new writing from J.K. Rowling and lets you learn the art of spell-casting using your PlayStation Move motion controller.

New from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream is BEYOND: Two Souls, an unpredictable, psychological thriller starring Hollywood actress Ellen Page.

Elsewhere, the lid was lifted on God of War: Ascension’s breathless single player campaign, while we caught a new glimpse of the harrowing world of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us.

Cross platform features outlined

Gamers will be able to share content between Assassin’s Creed III on PS3 and Assassin’s Creed III Liberation on PS Vita by taking advantage of the new Cross-Goods feature.

Cross-Play will let PS3 and PS Vita gamers play against each other no matter where they are. Games to support this feature include WipEout HD on PS3 and WipEout 2048 on PS Vita, and Hustle Kings and MotorStorm RC on both PS3 and PS Vita.

Upcoming games to utilise Cross-Play include STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

The Cross-Controller feature lets gamers use their PS Vita system as a controller in games such as ULTIMATE MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 on both PS3 and PS Vita and LittleBigPlanet 2 on PS3.

PlayStation Mobile to expand

PlayStation Mobile is the new name for PlayStation Suite, the fun, PlayStation-style gaming experiences available on PlayStation Certified mobile devices including PS Vita

It was also announced that powerhouse smartphone manufacturer HTC is to join the PlayStation Certified license programme.

Coming to PlayStation Vita

PlayStation One Classics are set to become available on PS Vita. They include the iconic role-playing game FINAL FANTASY VII from SQUARE ENIX, Capcom’s hair-raising RESIDENT EVIL DIRECTOR’S CUT and the vibrant platform adventure, Crash Bandicoot, from Sony Computer Entertainment.

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