Slim PS3 news: DUST 514: Your questions answered

Brandon Laurino, executive producer of DUST 514, answers questions from the PlayStation Community.

Is the corporation recruitment similar to EVE Online, and will players be able to sign up to the same corporations? (Wbrinkman, Netherlands)Yes, DUST 514 has corps. Details of how it will work with EVE Online will be revealed at a future date, but, of course, we want to encourage people to meet and work together through corps across DUST 514 and EVE Online.

With DUST 514 and EVE Online being closely linked, how will you merge the two together so that users benefit from playing both games? (ridster3, UK)When you log into DUST 514, you are signed into the same server as all the players in EVE Online. Everything is connected – friends, mail, the economies, the market and, ultimately, the battles that are unfolding in real time in space in EVE Online and on the planets in DUST 514. If you play both games, you can benefit from doing some things by yourself as opposed to having to negotiate with other people to do it with you.

Why is the game called DUST 514? (Elavarasan, UK)It’s a secret. You will have to explore DUST 514 and EVE Online to learn about it. We also have books, short stories, lore, missions and a lot of other stuff that reveal the history of New Eden.

What was the main inspiration for making DUST 514? (MW3-Marathon-2, UK)We wanted to create a new way people could experience the EVE Online universe. EVE Online is a spaceship simulator type of game and Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, and it’s well known for being quite complex. We wanted to create something that was a lot easier for people to get into that also fit thematically.

How many weapons can we expect in DUST 514? (Electrodos, Spain)There are hundreds of different items in the closed beta, and we are always adding more.

Will players be able to customise their appearance and weapons? (Karimjaw, UK)Of course, this is at the core of the DUST 514 experience. DUST 514 allows for nearly limitless customisation – with your appearance, your dropsuit, weapons, equipment, modules, colours and so on. It’s not just for your character; vehicles have the same depth and customisation as well. By playing matches, you will earn more ISK, the free, earned currency of the EVE Online universe, which you can use to get new stuff. You can also purchase AUR, the in-game currency, from PlayStation Store to get items.

What will be the cross-platform features between PS3 and PS Vita in DUST 514? (War_BraWler_Pro, France)Right now, the PlayStation Vita app for DUST 514 is a companion app. You can take the social and management aspects of DUST 514 with you any time, anywhere. Use the Mail, the Market, the Fitting – or customisation – all on the go. We will be regularly updating the PS Vita companion app along with DUST 514 and we are always exploring new features and possibilities.

How many people can join the same battle? (CrisTiaaN_90, Spain)Right now, each battle zone is set to 24 vs 24 players, but there can be multiple battles happening on a planet at once affecting each other in real time, so hundreds of people can be involved. Then there can be ship battles in space around the planet with hundreds or even thousands of players, also affecting the battles on the planet’s surface in real time.

Will DUST 514 have downloadable content? (MrSugarholic123, UK)We will have tons of updates all the time for free, with new features, new places to explore, new items and a lot more.

How will PlayStation Move be used on this title? (dumdog45, UK)DUST 514 has full PlayStation Move support, which is similar to how PS Move has been used in other shooters like MAG and Killzone 3. We are adding PS Move support into the closed beta, letting users test it and getting their feedback and constantly updating and improving it – just like everything else with DUST 514.

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