news: 10 of the Best: Downloadable games under £10

Discover some of the best PlayStation Store bargains available to download to PlayStation 3.


Explore shimmering sands on your way to a distant, mysterious mountain in Journey. You can make the trek alone or team up with other, anonymous travellers you meet along the way. Each is a fellow member of PlayStation Network, from anywhere in the world. All you can be sure of is that you’ll share their wonder at this unique adventure – find out why by downloading it from PlayStation Store now.

MotorStorm RC

Get set for masses of miniaturised mayhem as MotorStorm RC brings radio- controlled buggy racing to PS3. Whizz around arctic ice bowls and desert dirt tracks in a variety of dinky monster trucks, beach buggies and motorbikes. Even better, you can get muddy on the move by taking advantage of the game’s Cross-Play feature to continue racing on PlayStation Vita – at no extra cost. 


Manipulate time in this uniquely styled adventure on PS3, as you travel through a series of dream worlds in search of an abducted princess. Braid is a platform game with a twist: with every puzzle you solve, a new fragment of the story is revealed. Yet each world contains its own unique challenges, each requiring a brand new way of thinking. Get ready for an endlessly inventive game when you download it from PlayStation Store.

Beyond Good & Evil HD

First released on PlayStation 2 back in 2003, Beyond Good & Evil is an action adventure with a difference: assault rifles and combat squad mates are replaced by high-powered cameras and a boar-like guardian named Pey’j. You play as photojournalist Jade on a quest to expose a government conspiracy. Pilot hovercraft, solves puzzles, beat epic bosses and sneak into high-security facilities in this remastered critical smash. Download it now from PlayStation Store.

Rainbow Moon

More than 50 hours of gameplay, 17 different classes of tricky monsters, over 120 exciting special skills and 50 PlayStation Network trophies to show for your efforts. The numbers are impressive and Rainbow Moon is one of the most involving PS3 games available from PlayStation Store. A turn-based, role-playing game filled with towns to explore and dungeons to brave, it’ll transport you to a colourful world where skill and determination are your best weapons.

Trine 2

Beneath the beauty of Trine 2 is a fast-paced, thoughtful adventure designed to encourage you to scrutinise your surroundings for the way ahead. You take control of three distinct characters and switch between them to find the one most suited to the conundrum at hand. Pretty to look at and immensely satisfying to explore, Trine is a game that rewards your imagination with even more amazing sights.


Nothing is as it seems in Datura. Opening with your character in the back of an ambulance, things only get more bizarre – a few moments later, you awake in an unnerving forest, where you’re plagued by sudden flashbacks that require quick thinking. The longer you spend with Datura, the thicker the mystery becomes. Have you got the nerve to see it through?


Wage wacky warfare in Worms on PS3, as tactical battle hits the dirt. Take it in turns to launch wave upon wave of ridiculously over the top strikes against your opponents, then sit back and giggle at the resulting cutscenes. Whether you choose to wield the notorious bazooka or the deadly banana bomb, you’ll leave a deep impression on your enemy – not to mention on the soil around them.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

Limber up for the ultimate edition of Virtua Fighter 5 on PS3. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown has been refined to include several brand new features, such as new, interactive arenas, specially simplified controls to ease new players in and 19 honed fighters to play as, including series newcomer Jean Kujo. Visit PlayStation Store to download the game and enter the ring.

inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood

It’s Pyre Night in the city of New Marais, and hero Cole MacGrath is distracted from the celebrations when he answers a woman’s cries for help far beneath the raucous streets. It’s a trap: Cole is attacked and infected with ancient vampire Bloody Mary’s deathly thirst. He has a single night to drive a stake through his nemesis to save the city and himself. It’ll be a night to remember.

These great games and many more are available at wallet friendly prices, in a place where the title you want is never out of stock. Visit PlayStation Store from your PS3 now and play your next favourite game.

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