Sony PSP 3000 review

What you need to know

Reviewed by: John P. Falcone

Reviewed on: 14 October 2008

We like:

Light, slim enclosure; better colour reproduction; built-in Skype; deep line-up of great game titles with better graphics than Nintendo DS games

We don’t like:

UMD load times slow; screen isn’t completely glare-free and is still a magnet for fingerprints; no built-in storage

You might also need:

Games; UMD movies; high-capacity Memory Stick Duo card (for multimedia storage)

CNET UK judgement:

With its impressive game library, lower price and expanded feature set, it’s certainly a much better deal than the original PSP — and it’s even better than the PSP 2000. While its media and online functions won’t necessarily replace a dedicated AV device or laptop, it will be good for most portable gaming and multimedia needs

Full review:

While some still consider it second fiddle to Nintendo’s nearly ubiquitous DS Lite, the Sony PSP has sold more than 41 million units since it appeared on the scene in 2005. The company released a second-generation version in 2007 — the PSP 2000 — giving it a slimmer and lighter chassis, some speed tweaks and the ability to output straight to a TV screen.

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