visits developer Honeyslug visits the minis developer to find out about the development of Kahoots in this exclusive video interview.

Visit a videogame developer and you’ll usually encounter an army of people, dozens – if not hundreds – of computers and a wealth of audio and visual equipment.

Yet Honeyslug is made up of just three people and their PSP latest title Kahoots, available from the minis category of PlayStation Store, was created with, among other things, a few blocks of plasticine, a desk lamp, a selection of sweets and a cardboard robot covered in tinfoil.

Still, the puzzle platformer has received a series of rave reviews. Check out the video interview below for a glimpse behind the scenes of one of the most intriguing videogame projects you’re likely to see. Every in-game item, from the claymation playable character, to the blocks he walks on, are real world objects scanned into a computer using a conventional desktop scanner.

It’s an example of how smaller developers, with a little budget and a great deal of ingenuity, can get their content onto PSP and PS3 via the minis category.

Many thanks to Mark, Nat and Ricky for letting into their world for an afternoon; be sure to check out the video and download Kahoots from PlayStation Store.

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