New PS3 Update to Bring PSP Mini Support

Sony has detailed the upcoming PlayStation 3 firmware 3.15 update which is due in a few days from now. The new PS 3 firmware 3.15 will bring data transfer utility and PSP Mini support to the PlayStation 3 gaming console. This new firmware update will bring synergy and synchronization amongst PlayStation consoles.

PlayStation makers are certainly building up the PlayStation ecosystem. However the process is gradual as the next PS 3 firmware 3.15 update that brings new Data Transfer Utility for better synchronization between two PlayStation 3 consoles. The last PS 3 firmware 3.10 update brought Facebook and grid view in Photo category.

So, if you got new PlayStation 3 Slim and want all your PlayStation 3 data on it, then the new Data Transfer Utility can be quite handy. One won’t have to fool around to remove hard drives at least. Also, the data transfer requires two PS 3 consoles to be connected using LAN cables.

Another interesting feature 3.15 update will bring is support for PSP Minis and thus would be playable on PS3 console as well. Hence, both PS3 and PSPgo/PSP owners can now play Minis games on either of game consoles. Also, PlayStation Store will bring Minis download support for PS3 consoles in few weeks.

The PlayStation family thus gets synergy amongst the products and we can expect more features in future firmware updates.

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