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Surely if you use computers a great deal of time for many years now, chances are you would have stumbled upon this game known as COLLAPSE! from GameHouse. This is no epic RPG, and neither does it have a gripping storyline alongside enthralling gameplay, but COLLAPSE! is one of the more popular time killers at offices and homes worldwide due to its simplicity where most people are able to enjoy from time to time without having to remember character names and the game’s complex mechanics. Good news for COLLAPSE! fans then – the latest installment of hit casual game franchise is now available for Facebook, PC, Mac and a variety of mobile devices.

A flagship title for GameHouse and one of the most popular casual games franchises of all time, COLLAPSE! is a blockbusting, color-matching puzzle game that has earned millions of fans world wide with its award-winning game play and fast-paced, simple and addictive challenges. Each platform delivers a compelling experience for players. Players can now customize their avatars and use explosive power-ups as they free the lands of Blocktopia from Block Widow, Blockzilla, Blocktopus and other fearsome bosses in more than 180 levels and mini-games. As they advance, players can earn codes for use in the Facebook and mobile versions. Free trials and full versions can now be downloaded for the PC and Mac at

As for smartphones and cellphones, there are over 65 levels to choose from alongside five challenging bosses to conquer, accompanied by quick play modes and customizable avatars that await players as they take the mission to save Blocktopia on the go. If those are not enough for you, there is an unlockable mode which will further increase the level of difficulty on all levels alongside opportunities to earn codes for use in the Facebook and PC/Mac versions.

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