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Ouya — the Android-powered games console — is now shipping to developers, so they can start tinkering with it and making games for us to enjoy. And to celebrate, the company behind it has posted a video unboxing of the console, Engadget reports.

You can see it after the break. The unit being sent out to developers is see-through, with all its innards on display, though this will change for the version us average punters get our hands on.

It’s a pretty compact piece of kit, about the size of a Rubik’s Cube, in a container not much bigger than a shoebox. It’s an early version of the full console, which will ship in March, so it may well still have bugs.

The controllers are transparent as well, but they’ll be customisable on the final version. There’s a new micro USB port on the console, so you can connect it straight to your PC, and a fan inside prevents overheating.

It’s made to be opened, too, so you can get tinkering with its innards.

Ouya’s Kickstarter tenure has finished, but you can still order a console from the company’s website. Us Brits will have to shell out about £76 for one, or £134 if you want four controllers. Ouya is compatible with OnLive, so should be a very handy and affordable alternative to the likes of the big boys’ consoles.

It could even be built into TVs at some point, Ouya boss Julie Uhrman suggested in an interview. It’s certainly small enough.

The only issue I can see is it could fall between two stools — much more expensive than games on your mobile, nowhere near as powerful as the likes of the PS3 and Xbox 360. But let’s hope it’s a success. And with OnLive on board, it should be able to spin high-end games without any slowdown, as all the processing is done elsewhere.

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