news: Get more games for less money

The latest Slim PS3 news:

Download Mass Effect 3, and supercharge your PlayStation Plus subscription with an amazing 90 extra days in our special offer.

With PlayStation Plus you can enjoy incredible discounts, exclusive bargains and an Instant Game Collection where you can download a variety of top games at no additional cost – including Mass Effect 3 on PlayStation 3. And now you can get even more for your money with this superb special offer.

From 20 March 2013 to 10 April 2013, you can grab an extra 90 days of PlayStation Plus goodness for the price of a year’s subscription. So for £39.99 you’ll have even more bargains, more games, more perks and more playtime – all for less of your hard-earned money.

If you’re already a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can still take advantage of this stunning offer. Simply pay now and when it’s time to renew, your membership will automatically continue with 90 bonus days, all without lifting a finger.

Remember, you have until 10 April 2013 before the offer ends, so don’t miss out on an extra three bonus months of PlayStation Plus, not to mention the acclaimed Mass Effect 3. Find out how to subscribe to this popular service at is updated several times every day with the very latest Free Sony Slim PS3 news and reviews.

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