Bookworm for Nintendo DS

It does make us wonder how come it took such a long time for PopCap Games to roll out one of their staples on a casual gaming platform like the Nintendo DS. Well, at there isn’t any more waiting needed to be done with the rolling out of Bookworm for the Nintendo DS, making it the latest adaptation of one of PopCap’s most successful franchises and the most popular digital word game in history.

In this Nintendo DS adaptation, players will spell their way to a higher rank across three different game modes. Players can link letters in the fast-paced Action mode; if laid-back wordplay is more their style, Classic mode provides plenty of action at their own pace; or for the ultimate challenge, players can compete against friends in the Multiplayer mode. The Multiplayer mode is a new feature offered for the first time in any version of Bookworm, and is played over the DS WirelessCommunications network. Players will test their vocabulary might with 20 themed Bonus Book Collections and the ability to build out 18 unique library rooms. They can also build their spelling skills and track their progress with in-depth stats and charts. Additionally, all features have been specifically tuned for dual-screen, vertical gameplay, allowing players to hold their DS like an actual book, while enjoying endless challenge and fun.

Interested in giving your kids a game that can help them improve their vocabulary and word power instead of just zapping aliens and saving the world for the umpteenth time? Then you might just want to consider Bookworm for the Nintendo DS which retails for an extremely affordable $19.95.

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