Spec Ops: The Line Won’t Arrive Until Nov. 1st 2010, Earliest News

Following the official announcement of Spec Ops: The Line over the weekend at Spike’s VGAs, 2K Games has now clarified a release window of the company’s fiscal 2011 for the game (i.e. sometime between November 1st 2010 and October 31st 2011).

The title is being developed by German outfit Yager Development for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Set in a Dubai environment that’s been buried under cataclysmic sandstorms, Spec Ops: The Line challenges players to use the unpredictable landscape of collapsing sand chasms to their advantage (you can have a look at some of this tech in action in the teaser below).

Spec Ops: The Line Trailer – Spike VGAs Trailer

2K Games’ Dubai based, sandstorm driven shooter emerges…

2K Games has also confirmed multiplayer for the shooter by stating the following in an announcement press release: “Spec Ops: The Line underscores 2K’s commitment to deliver original and innovative single and multiplayer experiences to current generation consoles and PCs. Spec Ops: The Line will take that commitment to the next level by providing players with a new and exciting multiplayer experience that offers a unique perspective on the single-player storyline.”

“The production of Spec Ops: The Line has been a tremendous experience for Yager,” said Timo Ullman, Managing Director at Yager. “Our close collaboration with 2K Games over the course of this production has allowed us to achieve our goal of giving players a unique and exciting gaming experience in Spec Ops: The Line. Yager’s goal is to always push the boundaries of what is possible and exceed players’ expectations in every production.”


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