PS3 news: Weekend Essentials – Issue 8

Never mind turkey and tinsel: check out all this PlayStation entertainment over the festive season.

Don’t settle for a remote-controlled car this holiday season – download the GT Academy Time Trial, free from PlayStation Store, and launch your own real racing career.

Not only will it give you a taste of the latest Real Driving Simulator on PlayStation 3, Gran Turismo 5, the fastest players in each country will qualify for their National Finals and the chance to get behind the wheel of a real race car at Silverstone. The two most talented drivers will then embark on intensive training and only one will win a seat with the Nissan PlayStation race team in a full European GT4 Cup Season.

While time is always falling away from you on the race course, in Braid, you can rewind time, reverse its flow and wrap it around a single object across six worlds of mind-bending platform puzzles. It’s available to download on PS3 from PlayStation Store.

Table time

Coming soon to PlayStation Store, Hustle Kings brings pool to PS3 in stunning style. It features plenty of game styles, such as nine ball, 14.1 continuous and trick shots; staggeringly beautiful graphics; fun multiplayer modes that let you bet your Hustle King Credits against online opponents; and unlockable chalks, cues and balls to spend your hard-earned cash on.

Quiz fanatics, you can now step out into the wild – Buzz!: Quiz World is available on PSP, both on Universal Media Disc and via download from PlayStation Store. With four single player modes, multiplayer quizzes to get you passing the PSP around and online multiplayer via Infrastructure Mode for the first time in the series, it’s like swimming in a trivia river.

While you’re downloading, pick up a PlayStation Store bargain, courtesy of EA. The publisher is offering much of its digital content, including Battlefield 1943, 3 on 3 NHL Arcade and additional content for Skate 2 and Dead Space, at special prices. Check PlayStation Store for more details and be sure to get in before 7 January 2010 to make the most of these offers.

Party Time

It’s the time of year when families come together, eat and drink well and promptly fall asleep. Keep them all awake with an impromptu post-turkey SingStar party and check out a stack of new songs available to download from the SingStore.

Unwrap the Festive Fun 2 SongPack under the tree and sing along to Cliff Richard’s Saviour’s Day and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Doris Day. If you fancy some funk before dinner, the Jackson 5 SongPack features five hits from one of the greatest family bands to come out of the 1970s. Or, once you’re done filling your belly, fill your lungs for the Il Divo SongPack and belt out five modern operatic classics from the classical supergroup.

If you prefer something more laid-back, then why not get together, draw the curtains and settle in front of a good film. Holiday video treats on PlayStation Store include The Santa Clause, Elf Bowling or, if your idea of Christmas is jumping down a lift shaft, Die Hard.

You can even pick up a seasonal special offer: buy or rent Cars and you’ll be able to watch two bonus Cars cartoons for free.


Whatever you do, play, sing, watch and eat over the festive season, have a smashing time! is updated several times every day with the latest Free PS3 news and reviews.

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