Slim PS3 news: Go wild in Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games has unleashed more details on its wild western. Take up the reins and see what’s fresh on the PlayStation 3 prairie.

Red Dead Redemption is all about choice. Set in the Wild West, Rockstar Games’ newest adult action adventure may well be a story of blood and penance, yet its core gameplay is all about your choices. And in the open environment of Red Dead Redemption, there’s a lot of choice to be had…

Your wild ride awaits

With the advance of technology and government rule, the old West is experiencing an identity crisis, something reflected by John Marston’s dilemma. A former outlaw, Marston has been forced to pick up his guns once more against his wishes. So while the Wild West is struggling for peace under a growing government, Marston’s own peace has been shattered by hostility – and the only way back is by bloodshed.

How much blood gets spilt is down to you. Controlling Marston on his quest for redemption involves travelling through The Frontier, Mexico and the Great Plains, which are subdivided into a number of territories. You take part in missions to progress the story, with objectives such as infiltrating a compound with explosives and defending an outpost from invaders.

However, the world of Red Dead Redemption is a world of opportunity and a place to stamp your mark on, and it goes beyond pushing Marston towards his ultimate goal…

The world is yours

Rockstar Games has created an environment which looks and feels like a Wild West movie, with you as the star. Your decisions affect everything around you, whether you opt to engage in the story missions, take part in a number of side quests or just decide to roam the badlands. In Red Dead Redemption, the people go about their business and it’s up to you whether you interact with them on the way.

Riding along the plains you may come across a firing squad, ready to execute their prisoner – do you save the captive and risk the ensuing gunfight? Sometimes you’ll see a man being helplessly dragged along by a gang of bandits on horseback – it’s your choice to do something about it, and your reward may be useful, or it may just be an unexpected bullet in your back.

Random passers-by will also run up to you for help… do you aid or ignore them? They may only be pretending to want help and try to steal your horse, although that doesn’t mean you have to kill them – scaring them off or shooting the gun from their hand may be enough.

Wild animals might jump in too, as jackals and wolves prowl for easy prey, vultures circle for carrion and grizzly bears lurk with hostile intent. Kill them and sell their skins to a local store, attempt to goad them into fighting each other or try and escape with your life. It’s up to you.

“I’ll make ya famous…”

The savage nature of the Wild West isn’t limited to the great outdoors. Venture into a town and you may find a brutal hanging taking place. Or if the day has turned to night, a trip to the saloon can reap drinking and card games to test your skill for profit, as well as the chance to protect a lady’s virtue if a bar patron is getting a little too rowdy.

You may decide to pick up a sheriff’s wanted poster and hunt down a bounty, with the size of your reward based on how much you’ve injured the target – a cleanly lassoed and unharmed criminal fetches a far greater prize than a dead or injured one, although they rarely come quietly or alone…

Dastardly deeds such as helping bandits or terrorising innocents may even have you wanted by the local authorities, which you can revel in for financial gain or seek a pardon letter to cool things off.

All of these actions influence your Honour and Fame meters, which will alter the way people react to you. If you get a little too famous, expect to be dragged into a few duels by gunslingers looking to make a name for themselves.

Draw, pilgrim

Whether you choose to be a surly bandit or a heroic gunman who likes to ride off into the sunset, Red Dead Redemption lets you take the reins of a fully loaded Western – and you can get some exciting glimpses of it in the trailers right here at is updated several times every day with the latest Free Sony Slim PS3 news.

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