Call of Duty: World at War map pack bundle now out

The latest iteration of the Call of Duty franchise has smashed many records along the way since its release pretty recently, outdoing even movies when it comes to total gross, making some people wonder just which industry would be more lucrative assuming one makes it big, so to speak. But I digress – the Call of Duty: World at War map pack bundle is already readily available in North America, where owners of the Xbox 360 will be able to enjoy it on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 2,000 Microsoft Points, while folks rocking to the Sony PS3 can always get the Call of Duty: World at War map pack bundle for $24.99 over the PlayStation Store.

The bundle from developer Treyarch and Activision Publishing, Inc. features the complete collection of nine multiplayer maps and three co-op Zombie maps from Call of Duty: World at War Map Packs 1-3. Fight through war-torn Berlin in “Nightfire,” battle through the jungle and waterfalls of “Banzai,” and defend an armored island in “Battery.” Zombies and Hell Hounds attack in “Verruckt” (Zombie Asylum), “Shi No Numa” (Zombie Swamp), and “Der Riese” (Zombie Factory). Survive against the onslaught of Zombies with the help of Perks-a-Cola machines, Monkey Bombs, and the powerful Wunderwaffe DG-2.

Expect Call of Duty: World at War map pack bundle to arrive in Europe for our friends across the Atlantic next January 7th, which means they can’t enjoy the title in time for Christmas. What are the video games lined up on your side that you intend to complete during this holiday season?

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