Hot and Cold: A 3-D Hidden Object Adventure on DSiWare

How many games from the DSiWare platform have you give a go to date? Well, if you’re still scratching your head and wondering whether anything there is worthy of your money and time (don’t worry, that feeling comes to everyone although once you take the plunge, it isn’t too shabby – something like the App Store experience), we have a title to recommend; which is none other than Hot and Cold: A 3-D Hidden Object Adventure.

As the first 3-D hidden object game for Nintendo DSi, Hot and Cold puts players in charge of the Hot and Cold Club that helps neighborhood clients find misplaced items around town. Inspired by the classic children’s game in which players use temperature cues to indicate proximity to an item (i.e. “You’re getting hotter!”), Hot and Cold challenges players to uncover hundreds of missing objects by using the in game Hot and Cold meter as a guide for discovery. Players will search through 50 fully 3-D, indoor and outdoor levels, using their stylus to lift and throw objects out of their path. Hot and Cold includes a Level Creation mode so players can create their own customized levels where they hide objects for their opponents to find. Players can also trade levels or play in four unique multiplayer modes, including Hide n’ Seek, Find The Most, Co-op and Race. In addition, players can grab ‘Focus Shards’ to fill their collection with more than 500 unique items. Hot and Cold includes ambidextrous, and even “Book Mode” controls, that let players turn the Nintendo DSi on its side.

Who would have thought that a variation of a kid’s game could actually be realized in an electronice format? We’re pleased to note that Hot and Cold: A 3D Hidden Object Adventure for Nintendo DSiWare has been rated E for Everyone and can be purchased for 800 points.

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