PS3 news: PS3 Heavy Rain Demo Confirmed For Feb. 11

Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, a game that’s stole our hearts and left us reaching for our wallets, has gone gold, and a demo for the title is inbound.

Going gold means the game’s ready to be burned to millions of Blu-Ray discs to be shipped to retail outlets everywhere.

As far as the demo is concerned, come February 11, every man, woman, child, and half-link, can get his or her hands on a demo for the game.

No word has come our way about what exactly gamers will do in the demo, but ambitious storytelling is the name of the game, so we can expect that? Yeah, probably.

Heavy Rain comes exclusively to the PlayStation 3 February 23. is updated regularly each day with the very latest Free Slim PS3 news and reviews.

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