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We’ve had Dante’s Inferno, how about Piers Plowman?

So, EA’s epic literary hack-n-slasher is out today, and already Dante’s Inferno producer Jonathan Knight has his heart set on a conversion of Macbeth. Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy certainly has plenty of videogame boxes ticked – an imposing Gothic castle, a murderous noble and his insane wife, a battle sequence, some witches… But can we expect an influx of similar translations? And if so, which classic works of poetry, prose or theatre should be next?

There are some obvious contenders. Instead of Macbeth, I would have gone for the even more gratuitously gory Titus Andronicus, a Roman revenge saga with more severed limbs than a serial killer’s fridge freezer. Or maybe Othello in which the player must closely monitor the character’s bubbling jealousy gauge. Hamlet, though, would be useless, a gigantic ‘quick time event’ in which, after an hour of ponderous CGI story, a message flashes on the screen demanding, “To be, press X. Not to be, press O”.

So what do you think? Any favourites from your book shelves? Let’s stick with pre-20th century works – the earlier the better. Personally, I’d go for The Decameron as a vast plague-ridden MMORPG; Sir Gawain and the Green Knight as an Ico-style moral adventure; and Machiavelli’s The Prince as a stealth shooter.

How about you?


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