Atari introduces more games to Stardock

Stardock has made it known to the masses that Atari, one of the most recognizable videogame publishers in the world, has thrown in a variety of computer games to Stardock’s digital distribution platform which is known as Impulse. Of course, you can already access the critically acclaimed Ghostbusters: The Video Game and The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, while the recently unveiled science fiction MMORPG from renowned developer Cryptic Studios, Star Trek Online, is also made available just in case you don’t want to drive to a brick and mortar store to pick up a physical copy.

With Impulse, users purchase their game and can then immediately download and install the game through the Impulse client which seamlessly manages updates, community features and more. Games become part of that user’s account such that when a user purchase a new machine, a user can simply re-download the Impulse client, logon to their account and re-download all their purchases, even years into the future.

According to Brad Wardell, CEO and president of Stardock, said, “We have had a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Atari, spanning almost a decade. We are really excited about seeing these blockbuster titles come to Impulse.” Digital distribution is the way to go, but there is just something about owning an actual physical media in the form of DVDs and game manuals. Guess there is a little bit of something for everyone, but digital distribution certainly takes the higher moral ground by being more environmentally friendly.

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