PS3 news: Vinyl Fantasy VII VF7 Mashup Pulled Down Due to Copyright Infringement

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Didn’t I tell you earlier that you needed to download Vinyl Fantasy VII (VF7) fast?

According to Wired News, Team Teamwork, creator of Vinyl Fantasy VII, has pulled the album from the Bandcamp website due to pressure from the copyright holders of the music he mixed.

Apparently, Team Teamwork was not served a cease and desist notice, rather he was told by the Bandcamp site that a copyright holder had complained, and so the mashup artist pulled Vinyl Fantasy VII from the site. He was unaware of who filed the complaint, though he alluded to the thought that it was more likely to be Square Enix than any of the hip-hop artists they sampled. Referring to the appropriation of hip-hop Team Teamwork said, “Aside from the whole DJ Drama fiasco a few years ago, the law has been very lenient toward that media.”

Team Teamwork, also known as Boston-area graphic designer Tim Jacques, stated that the album had made him a little over a hundred dollars.

This is where the sheer silliness of all of complaints over appropriation come into play. Whenever a corporation sends a cease and desist letter to a mashup artist, or a modder, it costs thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to do so. The economic impact of Vinyl Fantasy VII was just over a hundred dollars.

Simple math aside, Vinyl Fantasy VII actually helped both Square Enix, and Final Fantasy XIII, as well as the hip-hop artists used. By promoting their work, publicly appreciating their work, and exposing them to new audiences Vinyl Fantasy VII was nothing but great marketing for everyone involved, until someone complained and turned down the music.

When corporations cease to silence fans, who are really doing nothing more than appreciating their work, said fans, and future fans are alienated, and seek out other properties to love.

Bottom line? If your girlfriend sends you a cease and desist letter for writing her a love poem, maybe it’s time to start seeing other people. Sorry Square Enix, sorry Jay-Z, we love you, but maybe we should talk about having an “open” relationship.

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Vinyl Fantasy VII (VF7) Mashup Pulled Down Due to Copyright Infringement originally appeared on PlayStation Games on Thursday, February 4th, 2010 at 14:39:26.

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