REVIEW: No More Heroes 2 Brings the Hardcore Violence Back to the Wii

The latest gaming news: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is the realization of worried mothers’ fears about games rotting young brains. If any game could be called pure sex, drugs and rock & roll, Desperate Struggle would be it. It is made by the wildly bizarre developers at Grasshopper Manufacture, lead by the charismatic Suda51, who is quoted as saying, “Being alone is very important. I go to the bathroom, I try to poop and then I will come up with a [videogame] idea.” Past titles from Grasshopper include the strange Killer7 on the Nintendo GameCube and Flower, Sun and Rain, the Groundhog’s Day of gaming on the PS2 and DS. They have a history of eschewing normal conventions of game design and trading them in for unique traits that make games memorable. Desperate Struggle keeps with that tradition.

The main character in Desperate Struggle, Travis Touchdown, is a brash, cocky frat boy that loves to shove his talent of killing people down his opponents’ throats. He has no remorse for slaying people where they stand and is as unlikeable as they come. The world he lives in, Santa Destroy, is a cold city where safety and peace are as fictional as green eggs and ham. In the beginning of the game, the only reason he is motivated to enter into another assassination tournament like the first game is because he wants to spend a night hanging from the chandeliers with the United Association of Assassins agent Silvia Christel, and not because his life was in danger or because it was the right thing to do, like many modern altruistic videogame heroes. If Travis were labeled in real-world context, he’d be a horny, 16 year-old boy Nerd Raging on Xbox Live. This site is updated several times each day with all latest Free Slim PS3 news and reviews.

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