360 Final Fantasy XIII To Outsell PS3 By 2:1 News

Statistics can prove everything, that’s the wonderful thing about them.  If research from MyVoucherCodes is led to be believed than Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 will outsell the PS3 version by a ratio of two to one.

Basing their judgement on searches through the month of February, the website registered 250,000 unique searches for the Xbox 360 version, compared with a mere 120,000 for the PS3 title.

Now we don’t need to point out the fact that this isn’t exactly the be all and end all, and hardly quantifies itself as a fair and exact experiement; however, MyVoucherCodes Mark Pearson, managing director had the following warning for Sony execs:

“The Final Fantasy series has always been a huge draw for Sony, since its debut on the PlayStation in the form of Final Fantasy VII.

“For Microsoft to now be sharing and in fact beating the interest for the PS3 version must be worrying Sony chiefs, who must be wondering just how to steal the march back, if it is at all possible. Our Christmas sales data showed that Xbox 360s were outselling PlayStation 3s three to one in the holiday period, a fact which seems to be presenting itself here as consumers show more interest in the Xbox 360 title.”

TVG will be bringing you its opinion on Square-Enix’s latest on March 5th when the embargo lifts – for the record, we’ve got the Xbox 360 version.

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