PS3 Slim news: Heavy Rain Movie Rights Already Optioned, In 2006?

New Line Cinema has bought the rights for the “interactive fiction” game Heavy Rain… quite some time ago actually.
According to a link provided via Joystiq, it looks like the game’s movie rights were sold all the way back in 2006, just after the early Heavy Rain “casting” trailer was shown at E3 that year.
Now, this doesn’t mean that there is going to be a Heavy Rain movie, only that if there is that either New Line Cinema will produce it, or that another company will have to purchase the rights from them.
The dark detective game is so good, one has to wonder if a film could do it justice, or if we’d end up with another Max Payne movie.
[Source: Joystiq]
Heavy Rain Movie Rights Already Optioned, In 2006? originally appeared on PlayStation Games on Sunday, February 28th, 2010 at 19:05:06.

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