news: God of War III Requires No HDD Installation

The gods have smiled upon us. Unlike Devil May Cry IV, or more recently, Heavy Rain, God of War III will require no hard drive installation. That’s right, you can stick the disc in your system and play God of War without having to a) wait, or b) worry about having 8 gigs free on your PS3 hard drive.
It gets even better. Christer Ericson, director of technology at Sony Santa Monica, has stated that the save game files will also only be a mere 5 megs. It’s almost like the old days, when you could play console games without hard drives, and all you needed was an megabyte memory card (or two).
God of War III is an amazing looking game, and it’s nice to know that Sony seems to care not only about Kratos, et al, but also our game experience. No install and fast loads means happy mortals.
[Source: Twitter, via Kotaku]
God of War III Requires No HDD Installation originally appeared on PlayStation Games on Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 at 18:14:51.

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