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Unleash your vengeance in this action-packed demo for God of War III on PlayStation Store.

With God of War III arriving in stores in March 2010, the wait is almost finally over as the epic trilogy of Kratos’ fury draws to a bloody close. Now you can experience the awesome rage of the mighty Spartan with an exclusive God of War III demo – download it from PlayStation Store today to battles gods, monsters and Zeus’ minions. Remember, the only way to survive is through chaos, because in the end that is all there can be.

Setting the scene, God of War style

The demo is but a small section of God of War III and showcases the true size and scale of Santa Monica Studio’s latest entry in the smash hit series. The demo pitches you headlong onto battle on the cliffs of Mount Olympus as a giant fire Titan scales the mountain in the background and Helios, the Sun god, rides his chariot overhead trying to fend off its advances on Zeus’ temple.

Control your vengeance

PlayStation fans familiar with God of War and God of War II on PlayStation 2 will easily slip back into Kratos’ skin thanks to the intuitive control system. Light attacks can be performed with the Square button, while heavy attacks are dealt using the Triangle button. You can grab enemies too by pressing the Circle button, and once in your grasp you can either finish them off or use them as a battering ram – just one of the many new abilities in God of War III – by tapping the Square button.

Beast rider

Alongside the wealth of new moves in Kratos’ latest adventure you can now beat giant monsters into submission before leaping atop and riding them, using their hulking weaponry and physique as the ultimate tools of destruction. In the demo, you get the chance to take control of just one of these mythical monstrosities, the Cyclops, as you battle hordes of enemies to get to Helios and finish him off in typical, God of War fashion.

Tools of destruction

Alongside the now legendary Blades of Chaos, you’ll get a taste of some of the new weaponry you will be able to wield in God of War III including Apollo’s Bow, which lets you shoot flaming arrows at your enemies. Fire one at a group and they will catch alight allowing you to move in for a quick kill or follow through with another arrow attack. The second, and arguably most powerful weapons in the demo, are the Cestus, fist gauntlets shaped like lion heads that are controlled in much the same way as the Blades of Chaos, but inflict a lot more damage.

Wings of a warrior

In the final segment of the demo you experience an entirely new aspect of God of War as Kratos uses his Icarus Wings to soar through a vast shaft, dodging debris such as flaming rocks and huge beams of wood before finally shooting out of it, unleashing his Blades of Chaos and coming face to face with the giant fire Titan from the outset of the demo.

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