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TVG recently had the opportunity to witness EA’s reboot of Medal of Honor, and came away suitably impressed with what we saw.  With the single-player being developed on Unreal Engine 3 at EA LA and the multiplayer in development at DICE using the Frostbite engine, it seems as though the final product will offer two completely different types of experiences.

Querying the concept behind this decision, TVG asked whether there would be a danger of a lack of continuity between the two modes as a result, and came away somewhat surprised by Richard Farrelly’s response.

“We don’t expect there to be continuity,” Farrelly claimed.  “We want DICE to do what they do best and make a great multiplayer game for Medal of Honor.”

“They do what they do, they do it on their technology; we do what we do, on our technology.  What this provides is for us to concentrate on what we do and bring it to the level of quality it needs to be and still be able to deliver a high quality multiplayer product.”

“The reality is we’re on two different technologies and there are going to be differences rather than try to make excuses for it or camouflage that,” Farrelly added.  “It is what it is and that actually makes the whole product better because we can excel in both areas.”

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