news: Sony Patents New Video Game Demo Technology

It looks like Sony will be rolling out “Degradable” video game demos, and they have patented the idea.
Essentially a degradable demo would be a system where the player would get the full game, and access to it, but that it would “downgrade” either over time or with a certain number of plays.
So, you may see levels disabled, perhaps the car would run slower, or your sword would cease to do damage. What’s the advantage, you may ask?
Well, you get to preview the final build of the game, and Sony can distribute the entire games en masse on disc, then sell “unlock” codes for cheaper than distributing separate demo and game discs.
My question is, well, this seems familiar… have any of you seen this already? I’ve seen timed demos, but degradeble ones? Seems very, very familiar.
[Source: Siliconera]
Sony Patents New Video Game Demo Technology originally appeared on PlayStation Games on Saturday, March 6th, 2010 at 21:53:59.

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