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PlayStation®Portable (PSP™) in Education


PlayStation® in Education

Over the last 3 years, PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) has been purchased and used extensively by thousands of students in hundreds of UK educational and training institutions. The combination of the PSP system’s games heritage and its ability to capture and play open standard educational digital content via audio, video, and internet has made it a compelling mobile learning platform.

Students can now use existing ‘games based technology’ platforms like PSP to access real and engaging educational content. In the UK there are now over 3.6 million PSP systems in circulation and 56 million world-wide. The PSP 3000 provides students with a low cost, easy access route to rich media and compliments the new ‘high end’ PSP™go as well as integrating with the new slimmer PlayStation® 3 (PS3™) games and media console.


SECOND SIGHT on PlayStation®

Second Sight is a new ‘augmented reality’ programme for mainstream education and training, that enhances student and teacher’s access to audio, video and interactive educational content on PSP. This ground breaking new technology works with traditional printed content to trigger audio, video and interactive 3D images. Second Sight enables teachers to blend the use of their established text books, display materials and audio visual content in a way that has not been easy to deploy in the classroom before. Using Second Sight teachers and practitioners can easily create their own content for use. Second Sight comprises a PC based content creation suite and a second sight viewer UMD for the PSP.

Click here to watch Second Sight (Augmented Reality) in action on PlayStation


Click here to watch Second Sight teaching & learning Ideas, curriculum content on PlayStation



ConnectED on PlayStation®

ConnectED Services Ltd are SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT UK LTD’s accredited marketing and sales channel for PlayStation in education and corporate training. ConnectED provides specially discounted pricing for Playstation in the education and training sectors, combined with online and offline teacher training and support. ConnectED has also developed a range of complimentary software programmes, peripherals and resources that directly enhance the use of PSP in mainstream education and training.

Click here to watch our series of training and support videos

For more information please contact ConnectED at: T: +44(0) 844 800 9375

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