PlayStation news: Weapons of war

Take a look at some of the devastating weaponry and beasts Kratos will be able to wield and take control of in the spectacular God of War III.

God of War III on PlayStation 3 sees Kratos make his final assault on the gods and Mount Olympus. With chaos comes a whole new set of weapons along with a classic arsenal including the mighty Blades of Chaos now famous as Kratos’ weapon of choice in his war on Zeus. Take a look at just some of the tools of destruction that Kratos battles with in God of War III.

Blades of Athena/Blades of Exile

These blades are Kratos’ primary weapons, both of which are curved blades attached to chains seared to his forearms, granting Kratos the ability to swing them at a great distance. Not only do they allow the Spartan to perform devastating combo attacks, they can also be used to assist him in scaling walls and ceilings throughout God of War’s huge environments. In God of War III, the Blades of Athena are replaced by the Blades of Exile when Kratos receives them as a gift from the ghost of Athena.

Apollo’s Bow

This long-ranged weapon is ideal for keeping enemies at bay in God of War III. With the ability to launch flaming arrows, Kratos can torch large clusters of enemies such as Undead Legionnaires with just one single arrow from Apollo’s Bow. It’s also the perfect weapon for getting the attention of the Harpies in God of War III, which he can grab hold of to reach new areas in the game. It is one of the first weapons Kratos will discover in the Underworld when he meets the damned Apollo.

Hades’ Chains

In God of War III, Kratos will acquire the chains of Hades, god of the Underworld. Functioning like the Blades of Exile, Kratos has at his disposal a number of lethal attacks, as well as the ability to summon the souls of the dead in his fight for vengeance.

The Golden Fleece

Acquired in God of War II on PlayStation 2 after defeating the Mole Cerberus, the Golden Fleece is Kratos’ essential defensive weapon, allowing him to block enemy attacks and follow through with powerful counters.


Similar in style to the Gauntlet of Zeus found in God of War: Chains of Olympus on PSP, the Cestus is comprised of two lion head shaped steel fists, each of which are attached to chains which, like the Blades of Exile, can be extended for ranged attacks. Arguably one of the most devastating weapon sets in God of War III, the Cestus are capable of inflicting massive amounts of damage on hordes of enemies.

Control the beasts of Olympus

One of the most powerful new attacks in God of War III is Kratos’ ability to beat some of the mighty monsters of Olympus into submission before leaping on their backs and controlling them using the Blades of Exile. Once in control, Kratos can then use a combination of light and heavy attacks on other enemies, crushing them in an instant. Beast riding isn’t just limited to combat; Kratos will also have to solve certain puzzles using them too, before ultimately casting them aside and moving on to the next epic battle.

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