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Halo killer. Remember that phrase? It wasn’t long ago that any publisher with a first-person shooter to sell would hype their game up as the one that would finally outdo Bungie’s pride and joy. The term died off sometime in 2008 when, to the surprise of many, Call of Duty 4 outgunned Halo 3 at retail and on the Xbox Live charts, making Modern Warfare the new game to beat. Rather than focusing on being “better than Halo,” Infinity Ward made something entirely different, something with its own identity and unique selling points. In the years since, the industry has seemingly learned nothing. The success of Modern Warfare 2 has every publisher racing to add a contemporary military shooter to their portfolio, the most of notable of which is Electronic Arts’ reboot of the Medal of Honor series due later this year. It’s a maddening scenario for anyone with a hint of historical perspective, but doubly so when one considers that Electronic Arts already has a far more exciting answer to Modern Warfare 2. Bad Company 2 outmatches Modern Warfare 2 on the multiplayer stage because DICE are championing their own vision of what modern combat should play like instead of simply following in Infinity Ward’s footsteps. Our site is updated several times every day with all latest Free PlayStation 3 news and reviews.

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