PlayStation news: Kratos Croons in God of War R&B Music Video

Warning: Though much less than the game God of War III, the music video features sexual themes and violence. Watch at your own peril.

In keeping with this week’s God of War insanity, I thought a musical reprieve might be in order.

Kratos is a fighter, hence the God of War moniker, but did you know he was a lover (yes, if you played the games you know he is)? In this excellent R&B spoof video Kratos proves that he’s got mad lady combo skills in addition to his much ballyhooed fighting abilities.

Kratos sings a slow jam

[Source: G4]

Kratos Croons in God of War R&B Music Video originally appeared on PlayStation Games on Saturday, March 20th, 2010 at 07:29:37.

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