PAX East 10: Split/Second Hands-On – Console news

Despite the tens of thousands attending PAX East 2010, there are only a few racing titles there, one being Split/Second. The game, which was also playable at PAX 2009, has not changed much but continues to rejuvenate the racing genre. With visuals as good as Burnout Paradise and with even more intense gameplay, Split/Second looks to take on challenge of rejuvenating the racing genre.

Here is some PAX East 10 footage of Split/Second’s latest build:

Since 2009 at PAX “Prime,” the game itself hasn’t changed much, in formula, but the game is as thrilling as ever. Knocking over a tower using a “powerplay,” a move that allows for racers to interact with bits of the environment, in order to crush an opponent’s vehicle never gets old. Neither does making a narrow escape from a crashing plane or a heat-seeking missile. is updated several times each day with all latest Free Slim PS3 news and games reviews.

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