PS3 news: SEE THE FUTURE OF PS3. FIRST. Episode 2

Episode 2 with Super Street Fighter IV review and free mini

Episode 002 of FirstPlay is available to download from Thursday 15th April. This week we feature a HD review of Super Streetfighter IV and HD previews of Split/Second: Velocity and Dead To Rights: Retribution. Also packed in is a countdown of the best FIFA goals we’ve seen and some stunning HD screenshots of new shooter Vanquish.

We’re also offering a free mini’s game worth £2.49 to download within this week’s issue. Gameshastra’s D-Cube Planet is a classy action-puzzler in which players must manipulate sliding blocks in order to recover an alien spaceship. Inventive, clever and fun, the game presents hours of brain-busting challenges on both PlayStation 3 and PSP Mini.

Check out this week’s trailer and remember episode 002 is available to download from the Store for just 99p, or you can buy a 90 day subscription for £8.99.

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