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Find out what’s in store for PlayStation in 2010 and beyond.

It’s been a great year for PlayStation already hasn’t it? As well as huge software releases on PlayStation 3 in the form of MAG, Heavy Rain and God of War III, not to mention SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 on PSP and a host of great downloads from PlayStation Store, March 2010 saw the unveiling of the PlayStation Move motion controller.

Due in stores towards the end of the year, PS Move will change the way you play games on PS3 and, with 3D gaming coming down the track soon after, who knows how entertainment on PlayStation will continue to develop in the coming months?

Well, one man who’s got a better idea than most is Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and the man responsible for driving the PlayStation business forward in Europe. Starting on 12 April 2010 and running for a week, you can visit the official PlayStation Forums at and leave your question for Andrew House.

We will then pick the top questions for him to answer and post the results back here on So don’t delay, head over to the Forums now and grab your chance to put your question to the man at the top of the PlayStation tree.

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