news: Demo guide: EA Sports 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

Head to the big tournament in goalscoring form with this demo guide.

Just as international football teams compete in friendly matches in the lead-up to big tournaments, you can brush up on your skills with the EA Sports 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa demo, available now from PlayStation Store. Follow these tips to put yourself in the running for the Golden Boot.

Out-think your opponent

The two playable teams available in the demo are Italy and Spain, and while coaches Marcello Lippi and Vicente Del Bosque can be seen motivating the players from the touchline, it’s up to you to decide which formation and personnel to go with. Both sides here have tremendous strength in depth in all areas of the pitch, so be sure to experiment with different systems and keep an eye out for which players are in good form.

The long ball game

The lofted pass is rarely used by FIFA players but it can be extremely useful in keeping your opponent on their toes and stretching their defensive line in order to open gaps. If you’re finding the midfield is getting congested, look to play a cross field pass just as you pass the halfway line out wide. If you have a quick winger playing on the other side, this will give them the opportunity to run at the opposing fullback while they’re still taking up their position.

Keep a cool head

Some days, it just won’t go in and for all your shots on goal, you just can’t beat the goalkeeper and find the back of the net. If you’re having one of those matches, try using the finesse shot when you’re bearing down on goal. Holding the R1 button while you shoot results in a placed shot that is very accurate, if not as powerful as a full-blooded strike.

Give it and go

You can initiate a one-two by holding the R1 button as you pass the pall, causing the passer to sprint forward and hopefully leave the defender marking him staring at his heels. This can be extremely effective when playing against aggressive defenders who regularly commit to the tackle. However, beware of using it all of the time – it can make your attacks too predictable and leave space for your opponent to exploit.

Download the free EA Sports 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa demo from PlayStation Store now and get in the mood for the greatest football tournament on the planet.

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