PlayStation news: Weekend Essentials – Issue 24

Answer the call of the wild in Dead to Rights: Retribution on PS3 this week.

One man and his dog

Is a man’s best friend his dog or his handgun? There’s no such dilemma for Jack Slate, the star of Dead to Rights: Retribution, this week’s big PlayStation 3 release on Blu-ray Disc – he’s got both at his side.

The hard-hitting vice cop is charged with cleaning up Grant City, which was once a thriving financial and cultural hub but is now plagued by crime and corruption.

You take control of both Slate and his loyal canine accomplice Shadow – a cross between a wolf and an Alaskan malamute considered too feral to be an official police dog. You can unleash a hail of bullets or get up close and personal with two hands and four paws in your bid to restore order.

A new challenge for Nathan Drake

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves fans will want to swing by PlayStation Store this week – the Siege Expansion Pack is now available for download. It includes a new game mode for two to three players called Siege, where you and your buddies must fight off ten waves of progressively tougher enemies. It can be played across nine levels including the two included with this expansion pack – Museum and Highrise. As well as that, you’ll also get six new character skins and 11 trophies to strive for.

After all that running and shooting, settle down in front of your favourite music videos. The latest free VidZone update introduces a new service called VidZone TV. It provides a list of regularly updated music channels that are perfect for those who just want to hit play and let the music roll. To download the update, simply start up the VidZone music video application on PS3 and follow the instructions.

Meanwhile on PlayStation Store, download the Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo to get an early look at the co-operative alien blaster coming in May 2010 and pick up After Burner Climax to take to the skies in the world’s fastest fighter jets. Both are available to download onto PS3.

In the minis category on PlayStation Store, Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess makes its debut, bringing vertical platforming with a sense of humour to PS3 and PSP. You can also download the Saviour pack for THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS on PSP and add six rare cards to your collection.

New Trophy options on PS3

System software update version 3.30 for PlayStation 3 is now live, allowing you to sort your trophies by the name of the game in which they are earned or by the date on which you earned them. You can either download this system software update from or directly from your PS3 system’s XMB™ (XrossMediaBar).

At this week you also have the opportunity to quiz the developers of People vs: Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess. Wondering why an aristocratic demon is searching for true love and how he is going about it? Submit your question via the official PlayStation Forums and we’ll (probably) put it to Mediatonic in an exclusive interview.

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