Toy Story 3: could the game be as good as the film?

Watching the Toy Story 3 game trailer raises your hopes – but the reality is that there are few decent games based on films

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that good games based on films are nearly as rare as good films based on games; Goldeneye on the N64 and one or two of the better Star Wars titles stick out as exceptions among a sea of dross.

Could Toy Story 3, based on the eagerly awaited Pixar sequel and coming to pretty much every platform, be one of the few games that transcends its status as a mere film adaptation and actually stand up as an enjoyable game on its own merits?

The chances seem slim, although the trailer does a fairly good job of raising one’s hopes. The visuals look great – one could almost be watching sequences from the film itself (although obviously don’t expect anything so impressive on the DS and PSP versions) — and some of the brief flashes of gameplay look to have the potential for fun.

However, when character customisation is singled out as a major selling point, you’ve got to wonder if they really thought that’s something potential players are going to get excited about.

Unlikely to be an earth-shatteringly important release then, but hey, let’s wait to give it a chance before completely damning it, eh?

And in the meantime: what other decent games based on films are there? A quick Google search brings up this list, which features a few dubious choices (Path of Neo? Really?) Surely there’s better out there?




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