PlayStation news: ModNation Racers speeds into PlayStation Home

Take your imagination for a spin with the ModNation Racers ModSpot Challenge in the PlayStation Home Events Space.

With ModNation Racers on PlayStation 3 and PSP nearing release, race over to the PlayStation Home Events Space and take part in the ModNation Racers ModSpot Challenge to win some exclusive PS Home items.

A group of mods have invaded PS Home and you need to track them down one by one. Once you’re shown a mod, run around the Events Space to track it down and note its number, then return back to the start and enter that mod’s number to reveal the next. The clock is ticking, so your mind will need to be as quick as your feet if you want to win a prize.

While you’re there, check out the ModNation Racers Pit Stop Shop and purchase a limited edition Animated ModNation Racers hat (where mods speed around and through your head.) It’s only available for a limited time only so be quick off the starting grid.

Also new in PS Home is the Iron Man Flying Game which can be found in the Audi Space. Strap on the iconic Iron Man suit and weave between skyscrapers, picking up arc reactors and dodging mines as you soar. The top ten players on the leaderboard when the event closes will be rewarded with an Iron Man suit to wear around PS Home, so head over to the Audi Space and start your flight training.

Finally, pick up a very different kind of iron suit: two Big Daddy costumes and one Big Sister costume from BioShock 2. Pick them up from Threads in the Shopping Centre and then choose something else… choose Rapture. is updated regularly per day with the very latest Free Slim PS3 news and games reviews.

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