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Jason Ried, producer of Split/Second: Velocity, gives his tips to tearing up the track in the explosive racer on PlayStation 3.

Ultimately, Split/Second: Velocity is a driving game that rewards good driving. You can earn power by drifting, slipstreaming and jumping; if you don’t try to do any of these then you won’t get any Powerplays and you’re going to fall behind the pack. So my suggestion is to hammer into every corner as if your life depends on it and try to control the drift. That’s the best way to earn power and get those important Powerplays.

Knowledge is power

My second piece of advice is to learn the tracks – know where the Powerplays are and how best to use them. If there’s a helicopter waiting with an explosive barrel, for example, that’s going to be very useful if you’re sitting in second or third place. The whole idea behind Powerplays is using the track to your advantage and waiting for the best opportunity to completely change the race.

Horses for courses

There are 27 cars in Split/Second: Velocity, including trucks, muscle cars and sports cars. They’re all totally unique: trucks have fast acceleration and are very durable, but lack the top-end speed of a sports car; sports cars are rapid but are relatively fragile; while muscle cars are good all-rounders. Figure out which vehicle is best for each track and game mode to take the advantage.

Variety is the spice of life

In Season Mode, around 60 per cent of the challenges you’ll be taking on are races and the remainder is made up of our other game modes. You don’t have to do them but it’s really worth your while as you will be rewarded with credits to unlock new cars.

Know your enemy

When racing online, the best approach usually depends on the opposition. Some people will always wait for the huge Powerplays while others will use smaller ones frequently. The key to success in competitive races is studying your opponents and trying to foil their tactics. For example, if you see another racer saving up for a big Powerplay, take them out and they will lose power. Knowing what your opponents have going into the last lap is really important and will give you an idea of what dangers lurk ahead.


Download the free Split/Second: Velocity demo from PlayStation Store and get a taste of the explosive PlayStation 3 racer.

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