news: 20% Less Resolution for PS3 Version of Red Dead Redemption

Two well known forum members of Beyond 3D have recently discovered that the PS3 version of Red Dead Redemption is not quite the 720p level of resolution that it claims to be.

Forum member Al_Strong confirmed the vertical resolution to be at around 640 while he has still yet to figure out the games horizontal resolution. Fellow forum member Quaz51 backed up these finding by stating the Horizontal resolution is the same as Grand Theft Auto IV’s, meaning the resolution is suspected to be at 640 x 1152 which is the equivalent of 644p.
When comparing the Xbox 360’s 720p resolution to the PS3’s alleged 640p version of the game, that equates to 20% drop in resolution for the PS3. Obviously this also means that PS3 version has a less sharp image than the 360’s. As you you can see in the image above, it is only a slight difference when viewing with the human eye. If anyone can remember, this same issue of resolution has risen before with Grand Theft Auto 4.

Rockstar has yet to confirm these resolution specs, so all of this is just a rumor for now, but one of the forum members, Quaz51, has hit the nail on the head before with his discovery of Halo 3’s sub par resolution.

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